Somalia By:Layth awad

Picture of muqdisho,bordering country's of Somalia, and a map of Africa.

This country is located in the northern,southern,and eastern hemisphere of Africa. The bordering country's of Somalia are Ethiopia, Kenya, and it borders the Indian Ocean also the gulf of Adan. The capital city of Somalia is muqdisho. It's located 10 degrees north and 49 degrees east.

The tempature zone of the world.

Somalias tempature zone is in the tropical zone which means it's hot all year and is based on rainfall. So it's between the 30°north and 30°south of the latitude lines which means it's In the tropical zone.

The total population of Somalia is 10.3million and is ranked #29 in the world. So by this it's a large country.

picture of Somalis population density.

42.6 is the population density of Somalia. population density is the measurement of population per unit area. Somalia is ranked #206 in the world. Somalia is not really crowded.

Growth rate is a percentage change of a specific variable like, we are measuring growth rate of humans in Somalia. Its growth rate is 2.61% which is pretty fast. The fertility rate of Somalia is 6.08.

this is a picture of kismayo,somalia.

Five of the largest cities in Somalia are Moqdisho, Hargeysa,Marka,Berbera,and Kismayao. Somalia is a very rural country.

Somalis net migration is -9.51. Which means more people are leaving the country than people coming. More people are leaving because its a very poor country.

Somalia is a developing country. And a very poor one.

\Somalia is a developing country because, their GDP per capita is 600$ which is pretty low, must mean that the country is very poor. Also its life expectancy is 51.58 years and that is about 25 years less than Americas life expectancy, which probably means the country has poor sanitation. And the last piece of evidence that Somalia is a developing country is that its literacy rate is 37.8%. which means it probably doesn't have enough money to make schools and pay teachers.

Somalia's main languages are Somali, Arabic, Italian, and English.

Somalias football team(soccer team)

The main religion practiced in Somalia is Sunni Muslim. Somalia's sports are soccer, Track and field, basketball, bandy, and martial arts. Soccer, their team is controlled by the SSF. Also their best player is Ibrahim Yusif. Also one of its famous landmark is the Laas Gaal Cave Paintings. These paintings are acient that were found in caves by a french archaeological team back in 2002. They belive its to be 5 to 11 thousand years old.

These are the paintings.


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