My Original Superhero for Marvel By Annie Leffe

Felix Yorkshyrr A.K.A. Snowstalker

Slogan: "I think you need to be more . . . preda-torius."

Inspired by Wolverine/Logan and Sabertooth/Victor Creed from Marvel Comics, and The Future is Wild 2003 documentary series

Originally a millionaire man from England, Felix was kidnapped by HYDRA, who used him as a test subject for their purpose of creating a new Weapon X. He became a genetically modified Mutant hybrid through injection. The injection contained a mixture of DNA from Wolverine and Sabertooth! Later, Felix escaped from HYDRA and fled to "the far North".

  • Lives in a warm den in glacial mountains, located above a frozen tundra.
  • Normally solitary and nomadic, but he is very loyal to friends/allies (like the X-Men team).
  • Has excellent skills of a natural predator; hunting and tracking
  • Sixth sense, something like super reflexibility and sensing things before they happen
  • Heavily built muscles with great strength
  • Super keen sense of smell
  • Wears thick winter clothing, same color as his snowy-white hair. Both are perfect for camouflage in snowstorms, while hunting and/or tracking enemies.
  • Body contains self-heat insulation and accelerated self-healing processes
  • Most primary weapons are claws and fangs, both made out of Adamantium. Claws are grown out from fingernails and toenails, and fangs are grown out from normal canine teeth. Both claws and fangs are retractable at will, super sharp, bullet proof, can cut through anything, and they give an extremely firm grip on anything like slippery ice, strong metal, and tough hide/armor.
The Snowstalker creature from The Future is Wild 2003 documentary series
Sabertooth/Victor Creed

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