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Student. Aspiring to bring quality and impact‐‐to you and the world. Driven Optimist. Coffee Addict. Health Advocate. Chocolate Lover. Stubbornly Glad.

Education Pillars

University of Iowa // Expected Spring 2019

I study health and communication and hope to use this knowledge to help others and achieve happiness.


Upcoming: Incoming Inside Sales Intern at Jellyvision Beginning June 2019

4-H Club Leader: At 4-H, we believe in the power of young people. In this nationwide and local outreach program I influence young minds to use their Head to clear thinking, Hearts to greater loyalty, Hands to service, and Health to better living. I guide children through lessons in health, science, agriculture, and civic engagement to spark skills within them to carry through a lifetime.

Assistant Site Manager: At The Lil', a community pool and center, I manage staff, guest relations, and facility operations to ensure safety and positive experiences for all. I oversee all staff management services while working to provide excellent customer relations.


Unit Head: I was responsible for supervising 75 campers and 20 counselors in a team unit through all of their camp activities, field trips, and programs. I facilitated the staff training program, co-lead bi-weekly staff meetings, and conduct staff evaluations. I was the primary liaison for parents in the unit, and maintained communication through phone calls, emails, and social media.

Health Specialist: I was part of a team that offers 24-hour social/physical service support to a student with disabilities at the University of Iowa. I assisted in activities of daily living and situations to fulfill average life needs. I administered prescription drugs, facilitated breathing treatments, and performed physical exercises. This also provided physical and emotional support and companionship for the patient.

Undergraduate Research Assistant: I assisted in language development and psychology research in order to better understand how we process language and produce speech. This involved assembling equipment to test subjects and maintain the experiment. I examined event-related potentials (ERPs) within brain waves gathered from electrodes. I helped with collecting data, evaluation and analysis to discover insight and form conclusions.

Community Outreach

I strongly believe the power in giving back and contributing to the greater good. I volunteer to connect with the community, help others, and make a difference in the lives I work around. Ask me how you can get involved with these organizations!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteer: As a community-based volunteer, I act as a "big sister" to an individual facing adversity to provide a strong, stable, and positive relationship. This relationship brings support and one-to-one mentoring in hopes to change this individuals life for the better.

Center For Enriched Living Volunteer: At this non-profit agency, I help in serving the social needs of people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities – such as Down syndrome, autism, and Fragile X syndrome. I assist in physical needs and provide emotional companionship in hopes to provide a sense of belonging for the members.

Skimm'bassador: I'm committed to living a smarter life and empowering others to do the same. Subscribe to this quick and witty newsletter that summarizes global news so you can stay in the know--give it a try and let me know what you think.


-I always love a cup of coffee-

LinkedIn: meganhill

Email: megan-hill@uiowa.edu

Facebook: meganhill

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