It starts on the left. Strategize, evaluate and analyze human sciences. Then it moves to the right—taking the facts and sorting them within social interactions. Applying science and interpersonal communication that forms solutions and success to those in need.


Student. Aspiring Speech-Language Pathologist. Optimist. Coffee Addict. Health Advocate. Chocolate Lover.

Education Pillars

University of Iowa // Expected Spring 2019

I hope to take my scientific and personable knowledge of communication and apply it in the healthcare industry.


Undergraduate Student Intern: At Blue Bird Day School, I support clients in engaging in therapy activities and attending to the therapist as directed. I assist with preparing therapy rooms, materials, and curriculum. I collaborate with staff and therapists in participating in staff meetings and trainings. Additionally, I observe individual and group therapy sessions with developmental, occupational, speech, physical, and behavioral therapists.

Instructor: At the Center For Enriched Living, a private funded non-profit agency, I help in serving the social needs of people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities – such as Down syndrome, autism, and Fragile X syndrome. I assist in physical needs and provide emotional companionship in hopes to provide a sense of belonging for the members.

Health Specialist: I am part of a team that offers 24-hour social/physical service support to a student with disabilities at the University of Iowa. This includes assisting in activities of daily living and situations to fulfill average life needs. I am an administer of prescription drugs, facilitate breathing treatments, and perform physical exercises. This provides physical and emotional support and companionship for the patient.


Social Sciences and Community-Based Intern: In a Pediatric Therapy Clinic setting, I collaborate with other teams including administration, volunteers, grants and therapy to generate new ideas and programs. I aide with the creation and development of family support groups as well as implement marketing strategies for these groups and other community events. I promote and participate in staff engagement activities. Through this, I have the opportunity to interact with the diverse families and children we serve.

Undergraduate Research Assistant: I assist in language development and psychology research in order to better understand how we process language and produce speech. This involves assembling equipment to test subjects and maintain the experiment. I examine event-related potentials within brain waves gathered from electrodes to collect results. I help with evaluation and analysis to discover insight and form conclusions.


Unit Head: I was responsible for supervising 75 campers and 20 counselors in a team unit through all of their camp activities, field trips, and programs. I facilitated the staff training program, co-lead bi-weekly staff meetings, and conduct staff evaluations. I was the primary liaison for parents in the unit, and maintain communication through phone calls, emails, and social media.

Volunteer: Simply offered assistance to patients, nurses, and nurse clerks at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic. I restocked and organized medical supplies as well as sanitize and maintain a clean environment.

CPR and CPI Certified


-I always love a cup of coffee-

LinkedIn: meganhill

Email: megan-hill@uiowa.edu

Facebook: meganhill

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