die to live another day blog by Jesse (hck and undefeated varsity wrestler) Carroll and Erick Martinez

my goal for this 20% project is to understand the ins and outs of personal training as well as use my knowledge to benefit another person. i have been into fitness ever since i was a little kid going from sport to sport with out a break having my dad always pushing me. being able to bring my passion into someones elses life is an exciting idea as everyone has the capacity to love fitness we just have to explore the type of fitness that makes us happy. in the end i don't want Erick to necessarily lose weight i just want him to be happy where he is and if his goals are to change that is what ill help him accomplish. if this is as successful as i'm hoping i'm open to the idea of making a career out of it.
as we take on this journey we plan to document this on you tube also offering other people motivation as well as free training tips. my goal for my audience for my vlogs to understand my struggles and hear my opinions on what fitness means to me. through this i hope to learn how to get myself out there and this is my chance to experiment with different types of social media techniques
2-5-17 hello again with another fitness update with Jesse and Erick fitness I've made a lot of progress with Eric as he has lost over 15 pounds in 3 weeks. we did this with lots of running and a deficit in calories.the main goal right now is to help Erick achieve mind over matter because i know now that his body can do it its just he is holding himself back so that's where i come in as a trainer and push him harder. this week i want to try fasting with him to see if this can help push him. were gonna start by making his first meal of the day as lunch and having him drink. but no journey comes with out its challenges with the biggest challenges coming from not being able to see Erick workout as much as i should but maybe this can be solved with Skype calls.
3-1-17 hello again with another fitness update with Erick and Jesse fitness my trainee has officially lost 24 pounds in almost a month which is amazing when most lose only a few. i think the biggest key to his success is dedication i think after he lost the first couple of pounds it really motivated him to push himself harder. when we have our meet ups i make sure to push his limits so that when he comes back he has a new limit to break. the biggest challenges we face are the time constraints to meet up but we have been making it work. the next phase will entail pushing a little harder and being stricter to ensure progress is not halted. i've given him a very simple diet plan of consuming less calories but now i want to move him to tracking his macros to make sure he is eating nutritious foods. the number one key to losing weight is what your putting in your body sugars readily turn into fat and too much carbs turn into sugar and follow the same process. all in all its been a good week and look forward to even greater progress.
3-3-17 hello again with another fitness update with Erick and Jesse fitness i have noticed my goal to get erick where he wanted to be is working. he feels overall better and he has somewhat found the type of fitness that he loves which is running. thats what fitness is all about you can be a world class football player but do you love what you do and thats what i try to teach Erick. his body is becoming more conditioned so theres a lot more room to incorporate better muscle building workouts. the main objective is to get erick to be fluent in the general movements of the squat bench and dead lift which is arguably the core of fitness which can be incorporated into any fitness program. if i wish to continue to see results i have to keep pushing the quota that erick sets for himself and what I set for him.
3-9-17 hello this Jesse from Erick and Jesse fitness20 with another update I've noticed that are progress has slowed some but it must be understood crazy amounts of weight loss is achieved over time not days. Erick has gained in interest in fitness as we have discussions on articles we have read which is showing he gaining an interest in the science about it. i have not met with my mentor but i plan to get into contact with her by today if possible and build a more complex diet and excessive program.if you wanna see erick workout or fitness tips check out out Instagram @erickandjessefitness20
3-17-16 hello again this is Jesse from jesseerickfitness 20 we presented our project to a panel of student educators to find that we are heading on a great path. we find that many people are energized by our project and hope to make great strides over spring break. i really want to make an effort to see Erick more often over the break. yes hes lost a lot of weight but its time to break through his current plateau and push even harder. i'm really proud of my last visit with Erick as i can see he is overall just more fit then he use to be. i can tell that his squat has improved dramatically as his hips have a wider range of motion as well as incorporating weight into it. im excited to see how far I can push Erick but i have to watch myself as i have been known to push people to hard. if you wanna see erick workout or fitness tips check out out Instagram @erickandjessefitness20
4-3-17 hello again this is Jesse from jesseerickfitness 20 recently ive talked to my mentor and we had erick go on iffym to see which macros that he needs to hit. I think hes been hitting to fewer calories and its putting him in starvation mode so his body is holding onto his fat storage. so i decided to up his calorie intake so that his metabolism starts burning that fat again. i have noticed that hes having a difficult time staying consistent with his work out so i think i need to change them up and make them more interesting. his lack of weight loss has made me question how dedicated he has been to our goal so i need to steer him back in the right direction. i hoping to kick everything into second gear so that we will be ready for the symposium.
4-1-17 hello again this is Jesse from jesseerickfitness 20 me and erick have hit a rough patch recently our schedules have been hectic with prom coming up and me having to work. i want to make sure we can hike every weekend so that we catch up and discuss our fitness plans. i believe hiking is a great way to lose weight and think so thats a nw strategy that me and erick are going to approach as well as a serious talk about how we will continue forward from now on. i think are biggest problem right now is ericks failure to follow through with what i tell him and thats my fault as i know i need to get on him more. ive been making lot of progress with my research and experimentation so i want to start applying it to him.
4-17-17 hello again this is Jesse from jesseerickfitness 20 we just had our symposium it went very well people seemed very interested a lot of people dm us afterwards. mostly positive feedback we got some feedback that was negative but seemed unwarranted as we tried to make our presentation fun and people couldnt understand that we understood the demographic and some people took it too serious. the next steps are to get erick down to 200 which i think is very achievable he just needs to train hard for the next month
5-4-17 hello again this is Jesse from jesseerickfitness 20 the symposium was even a greater success then before we had many people hit us up on the fitness page. they were very curious on how to put more muscle on and i explained to the them what they needed to do. it helped us pushed us to the next level that our project needed to hit i think we both fill we hit the mark that we needed to hit. im starting to become very proud of what we are accomplishing right now and im excited for the future


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