Rapid industrialization blessing our nation Q Davis hour 5

Learning about Americas growth is a very interesting topic. The 1800s play a big part in our growth. Industrialization in the 1800's shaped our society and economy today. The progress we made from it is something to be proud of. Rapid industrialization was a blessing because it gave more job opportunities, it boosted transportation and communication, and boosted big business.

Job opportunities

First, the opportunities it gave to many people. People coming from other countries looking for a new life or just someone that need some extra cash. Some countries like Ireland had Famine or went into debt, forcing people to move out of there homes. The new factories give new life to people who need it. It even let women and children work, even though there conditions weren't as well as mens.

Communication and transportation

Transportation and new ways to communicate that was faster help with our industrial growth. New things like canals, roads, railroads made trade easier. Vehicles like the steamboat and trains could carry huge loads. The telegraph made communication better instead of have deliver mail and wait weeks for it to come, you could sent a Morse code that sent in a matter of minutes. This helped because we could talk to whoever is buying and transport it quickly.

Boosted big businesses

Big business like the meat industry made lots of money which boosted our economy. Even the factories made lots of money and kept popping up everywhere and shaped America.

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