The capital city of Germany is Berlin

The larges river in Germany is Danube rive, it is 1,777 miles long.

The tallest mountain in Germany is Zugspitze mountain its elevation is 9,718', and the prominence is 5,728'

Some of the mountain chains in Germany are,

Bavarian Alps, altitude of 2,962

The Bavarian Alps. Altitude of 2,962ft

Beckum hills, low range hills around 174.4m above sea level

Other mountain ranges in Germany are The Alps, Eastern Alps, Northern Limestone Alps, Berchtesgaden Alps, Allgäu Alps.

Berchtesgaden Alps,highest point watzmann, the altitude is 2,713m above sea level.

Germany faces the North Sea, but the ocean closest to Germany is the Atlantic Ocean.

The current population in Germany is 80,636,124 people 2017

The biggest lake in Germany Bodensee Lake

Germany dose have valcanos, all though dormant scientists say they could erupt some day.

The Gographic coordinates of Germany are, 51.1657° N, 10.4515° E

The region of the world Germany is located in is west- Central Europe.

In Germany the climate is moderate, and dose not have any long or short periods of cold or hot weather. The temp in Germany in the winter can get to -10 degrees celcious (5f), and in the summer the average temp is 35 degrees cecious (95f).

Some natural desastors in Germany are earth quakes, floods, and land slides.

The economic worth of Germany is $30.7 billion worth of goods.

The life expectancy of a woman, and a woman in Germany is typically around 80-90 years.


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