The dolphinS life. By ally Maciuska

Do you know what mammal swims around the world and has 80-100 teeth? If you guessed the dolphin, you are correct. The dolphin is a large sea mammal that enjoys swimming, playing, and eating a variety of foods. They are energetic, friendly, and very intelligent. Welcome to the world of the dolphin!

Where the dolphins live

Dolphins live all around the world in oceans. Except for the Poker Seas, near the Arctic Ocean. They don't live in the Poker Seas because it is too cold. There are 35 different kinds of dolphins. Dolphins can have one baby at a time, but the babies stay with their mothers until they are 2 years old. They swim in groups called pods. These are made up of around 12 dolphins. Dolphins are very social and like to be around each other.

Dolphins Communication

Dolphins use clicking sounds that echo through the water. It tells the dolphin that something is in danger or there is food close. This is called echolocation. All of the dolphins have their own whistle, so they can signal their pod if they are in danger. Dolphins of the most intelligent animals because of their ability to communicate with others.

Dolphins Diet

Dolphins eat octopus, squid , fish, mackerel, and herring. Dolphins eat different kind of fish, and other sea creatures . The babies drink milk from their moms. Dolphins have 80-100 teeth. They eat as much as 20 pounds of food a day.

Dolphins are amazing and fascinating animals. They have a special way of communicating. Dolphins have different diet than Other animals. Dolphins live in big groups called pods. There are so many interesting facts about dolphins.


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