Slate Wednesday was the worst day yet

When Elizabeth Warren did it, it was okay.

I am ignorant as to what the controversy is with a wall. DJT has built a career in construction so he knows the supplies and know how to get done. And provide Americans with jobs doing it. Mexico will pay for it because what no one wants to mention, we actually supply them with $50 million. This isn't about the Berlin Wall which was one that separated one nation into two separate nations with two separate forms of government. This project will create jobs for construction workers. Also not having a wall makes it easier to claim trespassing (works for local houses too).

More like Criminals who aren't authorized to be here. And no one cares. There are cases of undocumented criminals that have raped and murdered citizens. People should be outraged. In Canada, that doesn't happen. It is okay to be undocumented as long as you lay low. As soon as you commit a felony, Canada will deport you. But until a criminal harms us or our family, we will continue to be docile. Below the heartbreaking story of humans stripped of life because of uninvited guests.
It is interesting that Elliot Hannon doesn't bring up the Victims, this is really a non-issue

This is really about Deportable Aliens that committed crimes like murder and rape. What should we be doing with undocumented immigrants that commit felonies. This is serious. This is very sad for the victims of Criminals (who also are undocumented). If the immigrant wasn't here in the first place, would there have been a victim. I feel sad for the victims.

NOLO is the number one Legal Information Company in the Nation

What should we call immigrants who are deportable? because they are here illegally. It is like a person who go to the theater without paying and uninvited and disrupts the performance. Should the person be removed??

I need more information this one. But the United Nations relies on the help of ALL members. There are currently 193 countries in the United Nations General Assembly. It is the responsibility of ALL of them to help out. It seems that Trump wants the US to stop being the Rich Uncle that gives everyone allowance.

Need more info. I don't see how this is a good or bad thing.

Need more info. There is

Still need more details on this. How will millions of Muslims unwelcome in America? And why?

This statement is straight forward but, I would like more details on this.
I would like to read the specific executive order.


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