My Utopia Brandon Glasco


The Empire



  • My societies language would be english because in my opinion it's the easiest and most understanding language.


  • My religion would be christianity because I think it's the best religion in the entire country. I would to have a regular christian schedule such as Bible Study on Wednesdays and Church on Sundays.


  • I would want to get a partnership with Apple and get all apple products for free such as iPhone, iMac, iPad, Macbook Pro etc. I want my society to have to learn or figure things out without thinking so much. What I invented for our transportation are flying vehicles.
Apple Products

Food Supply

  • My societies food supply will be given to us by animals. Our cows will give us hamburgers, leather and dairy. The dairy will give us yogurt, cheese butter, milk and cream. The pigs will give us pork. Chickens will us fried and baked chicken.


  • My society makes money by getting jobs. Money is distributed by the amount of hours you work a day. You will receive the money at the end of each week. We have many jobs in my society. Some examples are teaching, engineering, athletic director, bank accountant, manager etc.

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