The Lion,The Witch,and The wardrobe book Review

I think the Lion,the Witch,and the Wardrobe is a interesting book

There are four children that go into a wardrobe that inters into a magical land Narnia.they meet some friends along the way,but the main charter that helps them is Aslan.Aslan helps all them when they fight in the war and defeats the White Witch.After a wile Peter,Edmund,Lucy,and Susan grow up to be strong kings and Queens.But sadly they returned to the real world and were young again.


my favorite part of the book is when Peter,Edmund,Susan,and,Lucy become kings and queens of Narnia.

flowers starting to blum

beginning of summer.


I liked the book because it has lots of parts that are good and there are little mystery's to wonder about. Also the reason I like this book is because you have on going chapters that you can't wait to read .I would recommend this book to some one who likes adventures.i would not recommend this book to someone who doers't like read alot

Edmund and Aslan

this book has fun filled chapters that are all interesting and mysterious.

BY Mydison Britton


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