Learning from Experience Sydney dearvil-final project

Scout's Journey

A Baton

The baton shows when Jem bought Scout a baton, then destroyed Miss. Dubose's garden. This baton will always remind her that all actions have consequences. After Jem got caught, Atticus made them read to Miss. Dubose until she was done with them. Even thought Jem was defending Atticus for it, he should not have done that and he should have talked to Atticus first.

A Tree Hole

A tree hole would show when Boo Radley would leave stuff in the tree hole for the kids. A tree hole would remind Scout that there is kindness in everyone, no matter what people say about them. The kids thought that Boo was an obscure person who is really scary, but if they would've gotten to know him, they would realize he is really nice.


Books would remind Scout that you can't judge people until you get to know them. After Miss. Caroline told Scout she wasn't allowed to read at home, she got really upset and told Atticus. Atticus told her that you can't judge people until you get to know them and spend some time in their shoes. She will always remember to never judge someone until she knows them and their story.

Bottle in a brown paper bag.

A bottle in a brown paper bag would remind Scout that people aren't always as they seem. During the trial Dill and Scout ran into Mr. Dalphus Raymond. They learned that he only drinks coke, not whiskey. Everyone thinks that he is a drunk, but he is not. Scout will always remember that people aren't what they seem.

A Mockingbird

A mockingbird would remind Scout that it is wrong to do bad things to basically good people. When Jem got his gun, Atticus told him that he could shoot the blue jays, because they are mean and awful, but he said it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. This is because mockingbirds are good creatures who only bring good, and this message is a metaphor for people. It is wrong to hurt people who have done nothing wrong, something Scout will always remember.

My Journey

A graduation cap

A graduation cap would remind me that it's never too late to renew a relationship. My sister is graduating this year, and we used to be really close, but as she got older, she got meaner, more critical, and nothing I did ever seemed good enough for her. I started drifting away from her and now we barely ever talk. I want to renew our friendship, but I'm afraid it's too late. If you really love someone though, you will realize it's never too late, something I will remember forever.


Softball would remind me that all things happen for a reason. I tried out for softball this year, didn't make the team. I was really mad and depressed. Then I started track and was amazing, with winning I think 4 medals this year. I didn't make the softball team, but I did do track and was amazing. I will always remember that just because things seem bad, they always turn out for the better.

A Cat and Dog Friendship

This will remind me that friendships are most important. During the beginning of the semester, I was really busy with softball, pit for the musical, and homework. I never made time for friends and they were really upset about it. I could have saved some things for later and saw them. For those you love, you always find time, something that will stick with me.

Donald Trump sign

Donald Trump will remind me that you can't ever give up! He was destined to lose, but he never quit. He kept rallying and won the race. Persistence is key, something I will always remember.

Weight lifting

Weight lifting will remind me that it is okay to fail. Last quarter, I was trying to squat 205 pounds. I couldn't get it and I was getting really upset, but Mr.Smith told me that failure is a part of success. When you fail, it means you have done so much that you can't do anything anymore. Something I will treasure forever.


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