PTC Module 12 By: Malarea robinson

Berlin Wall coming down shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union.

The weblink video of the Soviet Union collapse is a very interesting video. It describes first how everyone believes that we, as Americans, won the Cold War but fail to realize that there was a lot going on internally with the Soviet Union itself. The Soviet Union became extremely broke and the people were going hungry. After a new leader, Gorbachev was willing to run things differently. When democracy came around he let it happen. Shortly after the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union collapsed. This leads directly into our current chapter and is a very important part of our history.

Iranian Hostage Crisis

The Iranian Hostage Crisis video explains how the hostages were held for over a year and our president, Jimmy Carter, did not want to give in and rescue the hostages. Jimmy Carter felt that this was blackmail against the United States and would not stand for it. This lost Carter much support and eventually led to President Ronald Reagan winning the presidency. The hostages returned home after being held captive for 444 days, the interesting thing is they arrived home 30 minutes after president Reagan was inaugurated. This may not tie directly into our current chapter but is a very important piece of history, especially to those families who were without their loved ones for over a year, and those American's held hostage.

The Cold War

The next weblink I visited was the Cold War Museum. This website is a wonderful tribute to the Cold War and holds lots of facts and pictures. There is a timeline at the top that you can explore starting from 1940's to the 1990's. Under each page are several links to supplemental material that gives you insight on different topics. For instance, under 1940's you can read about the separation of Berlin and what caused the Berlin wall to eventually be built. This is a direct correlation to our current chapter.

The last thing that I visited was an instructor commentary by Professor Darty. This was about the Cold War Policy. It is a wonderful quick fact starting off by the difference between Democracy and Communism, US vs USSR, it explains foreign policies such as the Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine, and finally goes into the escalation of the War. This is as always a wonderful and helpful quick fact reference that is directly related to our current chapter.


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