here we go

Mr. Frost has the right idea you may get hurt by someone but life will continue with or without you.

now this is one i truly believe in, you need to go new places and experience new things to grow into someone you want to be.

yes this is a thing I assure you but it's not a bad quote to live by you don't take a chance then you can't succeed.

they say that quiet people are scary when there mad, But after that comes a loyal person because if they don't care anymore who will?

now this is something to live by as well. I recommend not trying to "cheat" your way through life.

this is something that i found and wanted to show to you so we get a break from all this seriousness

this is so true so if you don't want a sarcastic answer don't ask me a stupid question.

this describes my life very very accurately.

this goes along with the sarcasm i can't stand when people ask stupid questions on purpose thinking its cute.

yes if you give me strength then someone would die. there are too many people who do stupid crap and just bug me to no end.

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