Library Stand By: Tyler Griffin, Colin Murphy, ben doerr, and aidan mchugh

Problem Statement

Our group needs to design and create something for the library to use so that they they can organize papers, hold an IPad for Naviance, and have a whiteboard on it.


We researched ideas and designs that could hold the Ipad and papers while also having a whiteboard. We also wanted it to look good with a nice stand that could support the revolving part.

Original we wanted it to be like a magazine rack, it would spin and have different things on each side.


We used these pictures from the filing tower in guidance as our design for the paper holders on one of the sides of our design.

Guidance Office paper holder, circa 1945 (colorized).

We built a prototype out of cardboard half the size of the full design to get an idea of what it would look like proportionally.

One of our biggest challenges was finding the right base for our stand. We went through numerous ideas ranging from 2 tires around the base to a block of concrete.


We went into the metal shop and wood shop to start making our design. We started with the base while Murph was in the metal shop working on the metal bars to support the entire structure.

Squaring away at the wood for the base.


We tested if the frame for the base that Colin Murphy made would connect with the wood base the rest of us made. With 2 days left we realized we would not finish the base in time to also make the stand so we ended up making a table. We also found out that Murph neglected to fully measure the metal stand for the base and it came out crooked which set us back.

Changes/ setbacks

We had multiple changes to the design for the base. First we had a tire base around a frame. Second we had a concrete base with a metal frame around it but realized it would be too heavy. Last we ended up taking the concrete idea but without the concrete, just a metal frame. We had some setbacks such as keystones which changed the periods so we couldn't go to the wood or metal shop to work. We also had Murph be absent in a time of urgent need when we found out about the misshapen metal frame.

second sketch
first sketch
Misshapen frame with the wood top
Disapointed coworker

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