Vitamins & Minerals By jackson beeson

Water soluble vitamins are used to travel through the body and help strengthen the kidneys
Vitamin B is used to maintain good skin, hair, eyes and liver. They also help the nervous system function properly. If you dont have enough vitamin B you feel really fatigued and weak and you will feel tingling in your hands and feet. 2 food sources: Dark green leafy vegetables.
Vitamin C helps the body maintain and repair body tissue. Vitamin C helps wounds. 2 food sources: oranges and tomatoes. Lack of vitamin C can cause fever, headache, and sore muscles.
The function for fat soluble vitamins is to keep you away from sicknesses.
The function for vitamin k is to keep and maintain strong bones. 2 food sources: spinach, kale. Lack of vitamin K can cause bleeding.
Vitamin A function is to help maintain healthy skin and teeth. 2 food sources: Red orange and green vegetables. Lack of vitamin A can cause dry eyes and dry skin.
The function of vitamin D is to keep bones strong and healthy. 2 food sources: milk dairy products and sunlight. Lack of vitamin D can cause being naseous
The function of vitamin E is to protect the bodys cell tissue. 2 food sources: fruits and vegetables. Lack of vitamin E can cause headaches and muscle aches.
The function for calcium is to keep bones and teeth strong. Lack of it can cause weak bones. 2 food sources: whole grains and dark leafy vegetables.
Irons function is to help make red blood cells. 2 sources: meat and vegetables. Lack of it can cause heart disease.
Sodium maintains fluid balance. The sources are, salt and fruits and vegetables. Lack of it can cause sickness.


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