Innovative Media By TING YIE CHEE (Apple) - 0325439

Helloo, I'm Ting Yie Chee, you can call me Apple. Why my name is Apple?? Becausee my face turn red easily when I was young :) Pig, Sleep, Music, Travel and FOODDD are my LIFE! NONONOOO---Frog!! OHNOOOOO!!

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

The Lovey Dovey Pigs

Two (P)ig met each other and fall in (L)ove at their first sight, after that they planned to go for a short gate away by taking (A)eroplan. Unfortunately, the plan crash and drop into the (Y)ellow HuangHe. In the end, they both become angels and stay sweet forever.
Exercise 2: Viral content
Exercise 3: Infographics
This infographic poster is about “Anti-Drugs.” As it shows the 5 weird reasons why people decided to quit drugs.
Exercise 4: Mobile app

Mobile App Name: CozItaly (Cozy Italy)

The main Purpose of the App:

  1. Book homestay and apartments directly from the owners.
  2. Discover the best budget homestays and apartments in the four famous Italian cities, which are Rome, Venice, Florence, and Bologna.
  3. Recommends users to try out some unique experiences.
  4. Suggests the popular foods of Italy.
Homepage: It contains 4 buttons which are ‘Accommodation’, ‘Food and Drink’, ‘Experiences’ and ‘About Us’. The homepage also has a ‘Search’ button below, so users can find accommodation that fit their budget and travels needs.
Accommodation: Allow users to book homestay and apartments. There are four different categories on this page, which are Rome, Venice, Florence, and Bologna.
Accommodation: After choosing a place. There will be a few choices that allow the users to select.
Food and Drink: Recommend users the best restaurants and some delicious foods in Italy.
Food and Drink: If you have selected ‘Florence’. This is what it looks like inside.
Experiences: Shares some of the experiences that people should try out when they visit Italy.
About Us: Tell the users what is the app about and what is the purpose of the app.
Sidebar: The ‘Sidebar’ feature contains ‘Notification’, ‘App feedback’, ‘Favourites’, and ‘Bookings’.

Assignment 2: Video

We would like to taste local food in Kuala Lumpur. Explore delicious food. To be more innovative with food advertising through social media. To promote local food to tourist. Idea: Food hunting.

Assignment 3: Animated Chat Stickers

Theme : FOOD

1. Sleepy

Beary (Cupcake) is finally getting sleep after days of watching Korean drama.

2. Happy

Fatger (Burger) is happy because a pretty bird keeps fluttering around him, at last he fell in love with her.

3. Sad

Ohnoo! I had been waiting for a long queue to buy the ice cream. But, it accidentally drops on the floor.

4. Working

Money! Money! Come. I will work very hard!

5. Angry

Come back Cheesi! Is time to serve people for lunch!

6. Confused

Why are you bigger than me? @@



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