The important facts of Water Alec Barton

The Earth's water cycle is important for people. It allows people to understand how water goes through a cycle, and is reproduces in other forms of precipitation.

The water cycle shows the cycle of water evaporating, condensing, and precipitating.

The water evaporates into the clouds. The clouds condense and cool down the vapor, making the clouds humid. After the clouds are full, precipitation falls onto the land. The water collects into low lying streams and lakes.

Then, the cycle starts again!

The water cycle allows water to be recycled and then moved to other places on Earth in the form of precipitation. This could be important to areas in a dry spell, to get some water for crops, and other natural grown products.

Water Basic Facts

96% of the planet's water is in the oceans

The other 4% is distributed between vapors in the air to the food we eat, and everything in between.

We consume about less than 1% of our freshwater on the planet.

Droughts are dangerous to major freshwater supplies, droughts in these areas could possibly dry up water supplies for many areas.

A major use of water is in fish farming. Fish farming is when you raise fish in a tank of 192 million gallons of water (basically an oceanic ecosystem) that allows the farmers to catch fish to sale into market. The reason the fish farming goes through so much water, is because 192 million gallons of water is filtered and replaced every few hours, to keep tanks clean.

Water is also found on land in glaciers. Glaciers are layers of compacted snow that froze into ice and moves in ridges in the ground. These glaciers melt and give off some fresh water for the area around it.

Hope you enjoyed the slideshow on water basics and the water cycle. Have a great day!

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