Experience at the Constans Theatre Varsha Bhasker

This is the first picture I took when I entered the building. I have never been to the Constans Theatre before so everything felt new and exciting. When I first entered the auditorium I saw that it was bigger than I expected and when I sat down I noticed how comfy the chairs were. I was one of the first people there so I got a seat very close to the stage, but it wasn't too close which was nice. Right when the lights dimmed I was relaxed. It wasn't too cold which helped my overall experience of watching the play. The location was really good, my seating was great, the temperature of the theatre, the space I had, and more all contributed to my experience being phenomenal. The role of place in the Good Life is that it is important to be comfortable where you are. If this theatre was in a sketchy part of town I would not be comfortable seeing the play even if everything inside was perfect. The fact that it was located on campus made me feel safe. Personally, when I try new things I like to have parts of it be familiar to me so I am more comfortable. Going to the Constans Theatre was something completely new for me, but the familiarity of being on UF's campus gave me comfort. To me, comfort is key when trying to experience or find the Good Life.
I watched this performance with my roommate and my sister. To get ready for the performance, we just made sure we had our cellphones on silent and went to the bathroom beforehand so we don't disrupt those around us trying to enjoy the play. Attending this play together enhanced our friendship because we all could talk about the play together and analyze the parts that shocked us or the parts that we didn't quite understand. This was really important because shared experiences bring you closer together with the people in your life. It strengthened our friendships. Personally, I think that friendship (or any kind of relationship) is important to have when trying to find the Good Life. I wouldn't want to find my Good Life without friends, family, and my significant other so shared experiences are vital when it comes to the Good Life.
This is a picture of me holding up the pamphlet given to us before the play started. Just by the black and white color of the pamphlet you can see that this play is not set in present day, however, the central issue addressed in the play was the fact that some of the main characters were doing things that were against where they passion was or what they truly believed in. For example, we saw one character trying to become a Priest when his true passion was theatre while another one was trying to become a Priest just to help his family out. There were other issues that were talked about such as child labor and rape. All of the issues addressed are still issues today. We have millions of people doing things that they don't want to just because of the circumstance that they're in or people not going for what they are passionate about because it's too risky. We also still have children being used for labor all over the world and rape is something that is a big problem in our society to this day. The subject matter does not have a relationship to something that happened in my own life, but in this country and on this planet we are all human and if it's happening even to one of us then it is a problem that must be solved. If it is keeping someone from their Good Life today it might be keeping you from yours tomorrow so it is important to not take matters like the ones focused on in the play lightly.
As I left the Constans Theatre I took this last picture. This play gave audiences an opportunity to look at themselves and look at their decisions in life. This play did not make me think about my own life, but it did make me think about my actions because this play showed me that you truly don't know what someone is going through. Everyone is the way that they are because of what they have experienced and some experiences are too harsh to handle. It made me want to be more patient with people and that's something I didn't think this play would give me. I didn't think this play would give me insight on anything really. I just thought it was a play about an actress, but it was so much more than that. It was a beautiful experience that made me want to change how I react when I don't like how someone is acting. It just made me think that if a stranger is rude to me then maybe they've had a bad day. Overall, this play was an amazing experience and it made me think about my actions.

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