Campus News Alaska bible college - February 10th, 2017

Ice Fishing

Thanks to an auger Lowell Berentson supplied, we managed to grind through 3 ft of ice...3 times!

It was a work out. But the weather was beautiful, God's creation was spectacular, and the company was amazing!

Ice fishing is rewarding. It is real. Your are working with the elements God gave you. But you have to be devoted, even eager, if you want the reward.

There are break through moments! The water, under pressure, springs out of the hole with exhilaration!

Then you wait.

....and wait!

...and wait!

Even though we didn't catch anything, we had a great time of fellowship. And we are convinced we went 'fishing.' Maybe next time we will go 'catching.'

Talking Point

In our lives there are certain pivot points, hinge moments--times when God interrupted and we turned a page. Maybe it was a personal spiritual break through or a fresh start in a relationship. But whatever happened, you blamed it on God.

As a ten year old boy, I came down with an ear infection. They placed me on the antibiotic penicillin. I'd taken it before with good results, but as I sat in my desk one day I knew something was wrong. I'd never had an allergic reaction to anything. I didn't know what was taking place. But the Lord spoke to this little boy in that moment and told me to do something outside of my natural predisposition. I knew I needed to go home immediately, even if it meant getting in trouble at school. My house was next door. I left the classroom and walked home. It was a good thing I did. That decision ended up saving my life.

As I reflected on what happened, I remember thinking God had a purpose for my life. It was a pivot point, a defining moment. I never forgot the lesson.

In Psalm 23 David writes about His experience with God. As he does, he highlights the first half of his life as a shepherd boy, as well as the last half of his life as anointed King. Essentially, David recounts the defining moments of his life.

What comforts us is David's conclusion about those moments, both good and bad. David saw God pursuing him with loyal love all the way. When he looked backward, he glanced heavenward. In other words, there were no scary monsters lurking in the darkness behind--only the presence of God ordering and preserving his life. And a life story that seemed filled with trouble is remembered to this day as an occasion for worship.

What do you do with those stories in your life? What you do with them will determine, in large part, your future effectiveness and impact. David leveraged those moments. For David, they became an occasion for worship. And I believe those who desire to have impact will turn these moments into trail markers--personal stories meant to guide us back to places when we were certain we saw heaven touching earth.

Jonathan L Garland, VPSD

PS - It's been great joining you for Spiritual Life Focus Week, recounting the goodness of our Lord!

This is US

Menu from the Cache


Please Note: Students requesting a ride to the retreat need to meet in the parking lot of ABC at 2:30 pm...TODAY!

Happening Weekly

Cancelled Today for Winter Retreat

10 for 20 [deep clean]

Yesterday, over a dozen students helped for 20 minutes to get a bunch of stuff done. Few, if any, tasks were desirable. Nobody complained. But the heart of service was made visible--we were all encouraged. And I think our students are the best. Thanks guys!!

Joel Christensen, RA

We congratulate Joel on his new position as Resident Assistant in our Dorms. Joel's godly attitude and servants heart help us serve students to a greater degree.

Photo Competition

This is a two week competition that start on 2/6 and end at noon 2/20.

Please submit photos to, or bring your flash drive to the Student Development Office during business hours.

Get out and shoot something!

Didn't see a category you think we need? We can make one! Let your creativity rule.

Enjoy! And shoot responsibly.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. ~PSalm 23:4
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