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I came up with Hanley’s Cat Sitting, because I spend a lot of time with my two cats at home, and enjoy having them around. I have always loved to meet my family members cat’s, and I’m very good with them too. I got the idea from when I moved just a year ago. I used to have a neighbor that would take care of our cats while we were on vacation, but when we moved we had nobody to take care of them. This is when the idea kicked in. I live in a family of four, with my Mother, Father, Brother, and of course my two cats. We are a close family, and really get along. Our cats are very happy in our family, and to hang around their favorites, which is me and my Mother. At my school I really enjoy Social Studies. I have always loved history, especially the World Wars. I play on a Travel Baseball team, and have a tournament almost every weekend. It is hard to find time to other events besides baseball. The good thing is during vacation periods such as, Spring Break and Summer Break, I have of of baseball, so cat sitting will be easy in the times.

I will be expected anyone at any age. Anyone who likes to go on vacation, but needs someone to watch their cat. I am really expecting just families for my customers. My business stands out for several reasons. For one thing, I charge much less than any other company out there. I charge a $10-$15 day rate. Also if you request I will update, and send pictures of your cat while you are on your vacation, so you know your kitty is safe while you’re away. Also I specialize in cats. I only do cat service. I have had 14 years of cat life experience.

My mission is to provide one of the best cat sittings in the whole state of Georgia, so that people can feel that they absolutely know their cat is safe and happy.

My service has an interesting twist to it. On your request, you can receive images of your cat while you’re away, so you know your cat is okay. I also have lower charge rates, and there is no need for a cat shelter, because the business comes to you! Other cat care competitors have multiple clients, while I only have myself. The thing is, I’m a local business, and pretty much immediate response, than the other clients of Care.com and elsewhere. My service will provide immediate contact to customer, guaranteed safety, and great customer service.

For what I’m doing I don’t need to calculate how much money it will take me to make a product, because my cat-sitting will take nothing to do. I plan to charge $10-$15 depending on the type of cat.

When you pay for cat-sitting, $5 will automatically and guaranteed go to the PetSmart charity. This money will be given to help homeless pets get adopted, and given to great homes. It’s not about the money it’s about the pet. Once you pay us the money will be taken to the nearest PetSmart shelter to be dropped off.

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Walker Hanley


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