Butter Side Up or Down? Casey byrne

Say I was to drop a slice of bread with a decent amount of butter on it. The butter side would land face down, right? Well, yes, you may answer, because the heavier something is, the more susceptible it is to landing before the lighter mass. So, the heavier side would land first. However, my recent tests have revealed information that range away from this logic theory.

Now, the church is an extremely reliable source. My ideas are only here to help the church grow in reliability and allow our surroundings to grow with it. The church is not wrong with the ideology that heavier masses fall faster than lighter masses. However, my tests show that this is not always valid due to other factors such as the height or the angle of the bread dropping.

If the church accepts these new ideas, it will allow the people to further experiment and come up with new hypothesis' about things such as why buttered bread doesn't always fall butter side down, thanks to the church and its new theory. If the people learn that there are factors out there that change logical ideas, they will begin to experiment, like me, and help our society grow. They will give thanks to the church, therefore benefiting the church and its righteousness.

You might be thinking that this is bogus, but I indeed have proof. My experiment team and I added butter (more mass) to a single slice of bread and dropped it each time butter was added. Once we were finished, we did not find a singular pattern. All that was discovered was that the buttered side does not always land butter side down. It changes almost every time!

This information I now put into the churches hands to decide what to do with it. If this information is released to the public, a new world-changing discovery may be made because of the church's new intriguing statement about bread, butter, and mass. Not only will the church grow from this new information, but humanity as well.


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