Domestic Policies American Government 135-01

Freedom of Speech

Domestic policy

the term domestic policy is broadly used to describe a range of issues, including personal rights and freedoms, social welfare, healthcare, education, legislation, law enforcement, natural resources, and energy generation and use. Domestic policy affects how every person in the country lives every day, as it shapes such issues as environmental protection, laws, education, welfare programs, and law enforcement. This is in contrast to foreign policy, which deals with the nation’s relationships with other countries, including international trade, and peacekeeping. The two types of policy can be referred to together as public policy.

Types of Domestic Policies

  • Regulatory Policy
  • Distributive Policy
  • Redistributive Policy
  • Constituent Policy
EX: low income family

Children and Families

  • Child Welfare
  • Low-income Families
  • Housing


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