DASSART™ Archival Transfers watercolor Papers and wondersauce™ 2016

The above images are archival pigment photos printed on DASS ART™ Premium Transfer Film and applied onto Canson paper.

Now there is a new system using DASS ART waterbased WonderSauce that will allow you to apply multiple layers of photographic images and mixed media to a variety of art papers.

Many papers and formulas were tried until one was chosen that will give you great results with the DASS ART WonderSauce.
Cold pressed, 140 pound watercolor papers including Canson, Arches, and Strathmore were used in the developement of this process.
This WonderSauce mixture with Purell® added is applied with a foam brush several times, but do not allow it to puddle. This is a specific formula which will be explained at the workshops.
Layer one: the image is of a rusty vintage car door photographed with the Olympus OMD E-10 micro 4/3rds camera in Idaho, 2015.
Layer two: is a toy covered wagon photographed with an IPhone 6.
A heavy piece of glass was used on top of the still wet transfer film while timing out to help the adhesion to the paper.
Layer three: an image from an Epson 700 scanner of an original vintage photo. The Canson paper is washed and dried between each image application. Graphite and paint pens were used on the final image.

Keep mixing it up!

Rocket Baby, 1/1, archival pigment transfers, Arches paper, mixed media, 24"x36". Christine Ellinghausen, 2/16. This piece includes 9 transfers. Graphite, acrylic inks and paint pens are accents.
WonderSauce® White was chosen for some transfers. This image is re photographed from a wet transfer made into a 3d sculptural form.
These are from the same original photo from my "dolls in plastic bags" series, printed using DASS™ premium film and ultimately used in the Rocket Baby image.
The wet transfer image has been fiolded and pushed around found objects. When dried it will keep its new form.
Rephotographed several times, this is an exercise in out of the box "seeing". The shadows created by the 3d form allows the viewer to see "cubist" forms generated by the degrees of light . The new images were then used in original artwork. Spray colors and paint pens were used as accents and the once "flat" image is transformed into a much hipper and contemporary idea.

YOUR imagination, DASS ART materials and fine art papers! Another breakthrough combining art materials, photography and sciences. The research into this process is ongoing, so many processes, so little time.

Try experimenting with all the new mixed media combinations and creative substrates. The DASS ART archival transfer systems are designed for aluminum plate, acrylic, glass, art paper, wood , prepared fresco surface and others. There are various products and techniques designed specifically for each application.

WonderSauce, is water based, conforms to ASTM D 4236.

Join in at DASS ART workshops and creative events and learn how to incorporate your ideas and favorite studio techniques with these new and original products. DASS ART products were invented by Bonny Lhotka. She has written three books on her processes: Digital Alchemy , The Last Layer and Hacking the Digital Print, published by Peachpit Press. Materials are available at DASSART.com and now at Freestyle Photographic Supplies.

These exciting new processes will preview at the Adobe ADIM 16 Conference, April 2016. It will also be included in the DASS ART workshop in July 2016, at the new Milagro Art Center, Prescott, Arizonia.

It will also be included in my "Mix it Up" workshops , Florida.

Visit the new DASSART™ Viemo chanel, and watch "how to " digital videos by Bonny and guest artists who are showcasing these new techniques.

All image rights reserved by Christine Ellinghausen, 2016.

Pictures are to explain studio techniques, not for reprint without permission. All opinions are personal, by the author .

Not associated with DASSART™ , LLC.

"MIX IT UP" workshops with Christine Ellinghausen: Cestudio@bellsouth.net. Or message me on my Face Book page.

A well washed image is dried under vintage "Duo" weights. Be careful to wash off all residual emulsion or your new image will stick to blotter paper! This process will flatten your paper nicely. Additional media can be applied afterwards. NOTES: media used should be water resistant if applied before washing. Purell® is specific to this formula, do not substitute store brands.

Heavy steel left overs from an analogue world do our Earth gravity a contemporary service! Thanks to all, CE.

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