2 Timothy 2:2 Arm's ministry in Thailand

Bick professed his faith in Christ. I met him last term through English Class put on by members of the IAM club. He told me that he is a Christian but I didn’t think he was. This is a new experience for me that might be common in USA. He went to Christmas trip with us and I keep talking with him about spiritual matters. He realized that he does not truly believe in Jesus and he want to have personal relationship with God.

Bick 2nd Year, Science

Fam is 2nd of Education student. I didn’t have quality time with him in last semester. God taught him a lot through this experience. We have a good start this term, we set goals and made a plan together. Pray for him and Bick to hunger for God’s word and desire to know Jesus every day.

Fam 3rd Year, Education

Tae is 3 rd year of Engineering student. He is growing up and he was challenged to go to a vision trip to the Philippines. One obstacle might be his going away to do a work internship. Pray that his schedule will him to take part in the vision trip and become a leader for Jesus Christ.

Tae 3rd Year, Engineering

Fiber is in his 4th year Engineering student. He is 1 of our student leaders. Please pray for him to seek God’s will in his life.

Fiber 4th Year, Engineering

Fiber & I study bible with Trang for couple times. So far he enjoy to spend time with us. He want to learn more about Christianity. It's hard for him to believe that there is God who has power to create the universe. Please pray that our God would open his eyes to believe in Him.

Trang 1st Year, Science
Thank God for opportunity to lead worship on Sunday service, Men's time meeting and Roommate's birthday.

Thank you for your prayer & Financial support.

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