Henry's Tour Of Ancient Civilizations Today's Special: Ancient Rome

Today, we have a special tour. We will be traveling back in time to the greatest empire ever. Ancient Rome.

Rome had many gladiators. Gladiators are people who fight to the death for fame and glory. Roman gladiators used shields, swords, and helmets to be more succesful in battles. Some unique gladiators forms used bows and arrows, or a net and trident.

Zooming foward, we will now be looking at where the gladiators battled.

One of the most famous gladiator arenas is the Coliseum.

Gladiator fights were usually human versus human, but sometimes, the gladiators could go against animals.

Ancient Rome also had chariots. They were used for racing, but not warfare.

It's time to go back. If we take too long, the guards will find us. Bye!


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