Foundation of the school by Olivia, eleanor, anqi, vi and alicia

How has the foundation of the school developed determination, hope and purpose?

On May 9th 1882, five religious sisters of the Sacred Heart arrived in Sydney. Led by Reverend Mother Febronie Vercruysse, they had been ordered by the convent in France to start a day and boarding school of the Sacred Heart.

They settled for a building on the hill over Rose Bay, named Claremont, which they bought from Mr John Hughes. Claremont housed the first Sacred Heart school in Australia. The five strong, and determined foundresses of the sacred Heart; Mother Febronie Vercruysse, Mother Mary Jackson, Mother Rose Dunne, Mother Alice Woodward, and Sister Sarah Simpson travelled for 39 days on the ‘Orient’; from Italy to Sydney to start the society in Australia. These 5 ladies did not have a pleasant journey, as the captain stated it was one of the worst trips made in 25 years.

Upon the arrival the sisters had the responsibility of finding a reasonable convent, that the school would depend highly on. After searching over Randwick, the North Shore and Riverview the nuns were brought to Claremont Cottage at Rose Bay By Mr. Hughes. After much thought, and agreement Claremont cottage would now become a part of the society of the Sacred Heart’s history, and provide an education for thousands of women. In the cottage there were 24 iron bedsteads, no mattresses, 24 chairs, 12 small tables and no basins, but they found plenty of sheets and blankets. This would’ve been hard for the ladies as they had very few items to work with. This journey created a lot of determination for the ladies, as they wouldn't give up on finding a perfect starting point for the history of KRB. After they had found the ideal starting point for KRB’S history they had hope for their school and hope that it will do well.

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