Week 4, Ancient Egypt

We started to think about Ancient Egypt this week. We reckon there are a few things we know already such as the pyramids, the mummies and the facts that thee is a lot of sand in Egypt! There were quite a few things we weren’t sure about too.
We had a lot of questions, most of which we will try to answer as our story gets going!
There was lots of chat and conversation while we came up with and shared our ideas.
P.E. was cricket on the Wednesday...
...and long distance on the Monday.
We looked at measure in maths on Tuesday with some trying to make themselves taller than they really were with this cheeky technique...
We had a go at scaling up a scarab beetle as used a story based on a scarab. We drew lines to help us draw the beetle larger.
We’ve had a go at dream catchers with our future hopes on them. Nearly finished them!