Russia & Georgia 2017 Prepared for: Jay Dackman

Trip Overview

10 Days in Russia | 10 Days in Georgia

We have heard what you said and handcrafted this experience for you based on your passions and interests. Here is the day-to-day summary of your trip:

  • Day 1: Arrive in Moscow
  • Day 2: Moscow Full Day Tour, Moscow Nightclub
  • Day 3: Cold War Bunker, Meet KGB Officer,
  • Day 4: Space City Tour
  • Day 5: Tank Museum & Tank Driving
  • Day 6: Train ride to Saint Petersburg
  • Day 7: Saint Petersburg Full Day tour
  • Day 8: Tzar Village, Catherine Palace
  • Day 9: Vodka Museum & The Aurora Battleship
  • Day 10: Grand Palace Tour
  • Day 11: Head to Tbilisi, City Night Tour,
  • Day 12: Tbilisi Day Tour, Mskheta
  • Day 13: Caucasus Mountains, Hiking
  • Day 14: Motorcycling Tour
  • Day 15: Kazbegi, Mestia, Ugshuli Helicopter Tour
  • Day 16: Botanical Gardens & Gonio Fortress
  • Day 17: Batumi CIty Tour
  • Day 18: Fly to Tblisi, Drive to Signagi
  • Day 19: Explore Signagi
  • Day 20: Return to the USA

Welcome to Russia!

Russia, a country of enormous social, political and geographic proportions, remains one of the great undiscovered destinations for travel in the 21st century. An incredible diversity of customs, culture and wildlife lies between the Gulf of Finland and the Pacific Coast’s Kamchatka peninsula. Russia remains the biggest country in the world, covering an eighth of the Earth’s land area.Due to its geographical position, Russian culture is a melting pot of Oriental, European and Asian traditions. This diversity is evident not only in its architecture and art, but in the character and lifestyle of its people. Even the two main cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, are completely different in character.

Day 1 | Moscow

Arrive in Moscow

On arrival you will be met at the gate of the aircraft by airport representative for a VIP customs control. A private vehicle with a guide will take you to the city center. Have a short tour while en route to the hotel.

Location: Moscow | Overnight @ Golden Apple Boutique Hotel | Meals: Welcome Dinner

Day 2 | Moscow

Visit the Heart of Russia

  • Special early opening of Kremlin
  • Private Tour of Grand Kremlin Palace
  • Visit the legendary Red Square
  • Experience the best viewpoint on Sparrow hills
  • Dinner with Russian Family
  • Experience the most exclusive nightclubs in Moscow

The Grand Kremlin Palace was originally built to be the royal palace in Moscow, for Nicholas I, and is now used by the government; it is not open to the general public. All top-level talks and award ceremonies are held there. Rooms that can be seen by special arrangement include the private rooms of the royal family, ceremonial rooms that one can often see on TV, the Hall of St Catherine (the empress’s throne room), St. George Hall, St. Vladimir Hall.

Originally a commercial centre, Red Square has been at the very centre of Russian history since the 15th century, from Ivan the Terrible’s confession of his misdeeds to the people in 1550, to great demonstrations, executions and the great parades of the Soviet Union’s military might. Ironically, “krasny” originally meant beautiful; it came to mean “red” only in the last century! From the time of Ivan the Great the square was used as a huge gathering place for public events, markets, fairs and festivals. The magnificent square encompasses an area of over 70,000 square meters and is bounded by the Kremlin walls, St. Bazil’s cathedral, the Historical museum and GUM departments store, the shopping arcade, that was completed in 1893. Legend has it that the architect was later blinded so that he could never repeat such a building that is so traditionally Russian. It is built of brick and comprises many colorful asymmetrical helmet & onion domes situated over nine chapels; the interior is full of 16th and 17th century icons, frescoes and ceiling paintings of subtle blues and pinks.

Visit the best viewpoint on Sparrow hills, from which you could easily see most of the city. Sink in the atmosphere of the medieval Russia, when even daughters of tsars were doomed to become nuns (such were the rules, visiting the refined New Maiden Convent. This is one of the most beautiful of the city collection of buildings, located to the south-west of the city centre, with 16 gilded domes, founded in 1524. Many noble women, including Peter the Great’s first wife and his sister took vows and spent the rest of their lives here and are buried here.

Moscow underground is not only the fastest means of transportation in the city but also a unique architectural ensemble. Major stations built in 30's of last century look like palaces richly decorated with marble, mosaic and semi-precious stones. During the tour you will visit the oldest and the most beautiful metro-stations. The guide will tell you thrilling facts of these “underground palaces” – each of these stations may be rightfully called a jewel of the world’s underground architecture.

Dinner with a Russian family. Nothing visit to the Russian family in a residential area that hasn’t changed much from Soviet time – taste home- made dinner what local usually cook for themselves at home. Option – drive to the place by authentic Soviet car Volga popular with officials in 70-80s.

A trip to Moscow is not complete unless you visit the hottest nightclubs in the city. Head to Soho club, Icon or both for a night to remember.

Location: Moscow | Overnight @ Golden Apple Bountique Hotel | Meals Included: B, D


Cold War Bunker & KBG Meet

  • Cold War Bunker visit - visit the former top secret Soviet command post N43. Travel 60m below ground to visit the halls and officer rooms.
  • "Bon App" lunch meeting with a former KGB officer.
  • Visit the Izmaylovo open air market: This Russian handcraft market is located in the older part of Moscow and features authentic Russian crafts
  • Sail down the river through the center of Moscow and enjoy dinner on the Radisson Royal Boat Restaurant

Location: Moscow | Overnight @ Golden Apple Bountique Hotel | Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 4 | Moscow

Space City

Casmonaut Center Visit:This is where cosmonauts from Russia and all over the world are trained for manned space flights. As it is a highly secure working center, only the museum is usually open to the public and by special permit only. The tour includes visit to Hydro laboratory, “Soyuz” spaceship pavilion, Pavillion with Centrifuge CF-18 machine in which the astronauts experience the full aspects of centrifugal force.

Location: Moscow | Overnight @ Golden Apple Bountique Hotel | Meals Included: B, L

Day 5 | Moscow

Tank Museum & Driving

The Kubinka Tank Museum is the world’s biggest collection of tanks and armed personnel carriers. The museum has 318 items located in 7 hangars. The most impressive the samples of Soviet and Russian military equipment and armament of armored force vehicles in 4 pavilions. Then comes the samples from Germany of WWII times as well as USA and Great Britain.

After visiting the museum drive, you will drive to a military base for the opportunity to drive an authentic T-34-85 tank. You will have a briefing on this model, explanation on each crew member role in the tank and manage to drive inside and take a dry shot. You will also take a tour of the collection – 20 authentic T-34-85 tanks including the real ones participating in battles. The program ends with “soldier” meal – buckwheat, beef, tea.

Location: Moscow | Overnight @ Golden Apple Bountique Hotel | Meals Included: B, L

Day 6 | Saint Petersburg

Arrive in Saint Petersburg

Today, you are headed to St. Petersburg via the Sapsan (falcon) speed train. Your private guide will greet you on arrival.

Location: Saint Petersburg | Overnight @ Angleterre Rocco Forte Hotel | Meals Included: B, L

Day 7 | Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg Full Day City Tour

In the morning, you will have a chance to get acquainted with one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, Saint Petersburg remains one of the most romantic cities in Russia. Among the many poetical names applied to St. Petersburg the most common are “Northern Venice” and “Northern Palmyra”. The fascinating palaces and cathedrals, beautiful bridges over Venice-like canals, spacious squares and wide streets decorated with edifices of flourished baroque and impressive classical styles, monumental sculpture and lacy iron grilles and, of course, the special spirituality of this city infects everyone who visits it. In 1991 the city was placed on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. With numerous palaces and the world famous Hermitage on the banks of the Neva river, the city is Russia’s most popular destination, drawing visitors from all over the world throughout the year.

  • Visit Peter & Paul’s fortress - Standing on a small island at the centre of the Neva delta, the fortress was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great and is the oldest building in St Petersburg. Up to 1917, the fortress was mainly used for holding political prisoners, such as Dostoyevsky, Lenin’s brother Alexander and Peter the Great’s own son Alexei. At the heart of the fortress is the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, with its landmark gold spire, where all of Russia’s pre-Revolutionary leaders were buried, apart from Peter, Ivan IV and Nicholas II.
  • Lunch In Korushka Restaurant - The new restaurant is located close to the fortress – far from the city’s noise and has an interesting interior – modern but at the same time very atmospheric – one can feel the spirit of the city here. The atmosphere is very relaxing. Cuisine is Russia and European. The restaurant can room up to 340
  • Private Canal Boat ride: The city of St Petersburg looks completely different from the water, and a canal ride will show the visitor several parts of the city which are missed during a city tour by coach. The city is situated on 42 islands, being washed by more than 90 rivers, Neva’s arms and channels. The granite embankments with the slopes and piers have become peculiar pedestals for the magnificent palaces: Winter, Marble, Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich (Neva), Mikhailov, Mariinsky, Stroganof, Yusupov (Moyka), Anichkov, Sheremetyev, Dukes Beloselski-Belozerski (Fontanka). A private boat is rented for the guests. The lower deck has got a roof to protect the clients from the wind and rain. There are tables and chairs there. For those who would like a breath of air, there is an open air terrace on the upper deck.
  • The Yusupov Palace is arguably the most interesting and beautifully preserved palace in the city. Built in the 1740s and then bought by Catherine the Great for one of her ladies in waiting, it was eventually purchased by Prince Nikolai Yusupov in 1830 for 250,000 roubles. A fortune at the time. Subsequently it was here that Prince Felix Yusupov planned and carried out the murder of Rasputin. All the rooms are beautifully restored and full of art, while the highlight must surely be the exquisite private theatre, built for Zineida Yusupov, where such renowned artists as Anna Pavlova and Shaliapin have performed
  • Dinner - Stroganoff Steak House is in the very center of St. Petersburg in a historical building of former Headquarters and Stables of the Horse Guard Regiment. The interior has comfortable furnishing, high arched ceiling and large windows.

Location: Saint Petersburg | Overnight @ Angleterre Rocco Forte Hotel | Meals Included: B, L, D

Day 8 | Saint Petersburg

A Day in the Royal Village

Today we would like to invite you to visit the sumptuous Tsar Village – the summer residence of Russian Emperors. Situated in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg, The Tsar Village is a unique ensemble comprising several pavilions, beautiful lakes, gardens and a wonderful Catherine Palace. The summer palace was originally given by Peter the Great to his wife Catherine, and was rebuilt by Italian architect Rastrelli in 1756. The palace is a huge, elegant building with white and hold Baroque mouldings set against a blue background, set in a beautiful park with elaborate gardens, canals and pavilions.

Lunch will be served at “Podvorye” with traditional wooden Russian décor and national cuisine. The restaurant is known to have been visited by top level officials – Vladimir Putin, Jaques Chirac, etc. It is a very cosy restaurant, the interior resembles traditional Russian terem (wooden palace), a lot of woodcarving. Meal is accompanied by folklore group singing. Russian vodka, wine – no limit

Location: Saint Petersburg | Overnight @ Angleterre Rocco Forte Hotel | Meals Included: B, L

Day 9 | Saint Petersburg

Vodka Museum & The Aurora

The Museum of Russian vodka is an exhibition that tells us about the drink which has been an integral part and essential attribute of Russian life for centuries, The museum gives a fascinating insight into the Russian history, culture and drinking traditions. During the guided tour around museum our guests will hear about the vodka’s origin, Russian dining traditions, Russian vodka Kings, and get to understand close link between the history of the Russian State and the history of this strong drink. The pride of the museum is a special equipment for home-made vodka and numerous glasses used by our ancestors.There are two museum rooms and a restaurant adjoining to them. After a short tour, the guests will be offered vodka tasting. You will taste authentic Russian cuisine as well as there is a selection of Russian dishes of the Soviet Period. Besides, Russian Vodka №1 is a classic Russian restaurant with the widest choice of vodka in the city, carefully chosen hot and cold dishes, traditional vodka accompaniments.

The “Aurora” (6700 tons) is a Russian Battleship that built was St.Petersburg and completed in 1903. The Aurora was a light, armour-plated cruiser equipped with six-inch long-range guns, torpedo tubes and eight 37mm guns, designed to escort large battleships. She took part in the ill-fated voyage of the Baltic Fleet to the Far East in 1904-05, but unlike most of the squadron, she escaped destruction at Tsu-Shima. The Bolsheviks won over the crew and deployed the old cruiser just downstream from what is now the Most Leytenanta Schmidta (Leutenant Shmidt bridge) on the night of 24-25 October. The following evening her forward 6-in.gun fired a blank shot to intimidate the last defenders of the Kerensky government in the Winter Palace. The ship was sunk in shallow water at Oranienbaum (now Lomonosov) in 1941. The original cruiser Aurora was deliberately sunk somewhere between Oranienbaum and Krostadt, in order to protect it from ceaseless bombing in the Second World War. In 1948 the cruiser was raised and moored opposite the Nakhimov Navy School. It is now a replica due to the dteriotation of the original craft. Seven years later (in 1947) she was raised and moved to her present position. In 1956 the “Aurora” was opened as a museum.

Location: Saint Petersburg | Overnight @ Angleterre Rocco Forte Hotel | Meals Included: B, L

Day 10 | Saint Petersburg

Grand Palace

Arrive to the sumptuous Peterhoff, or “Peter’s Court”, dates back to 1715 and is a former summer residence of the Russian Tsars. Most famous for its stunning golden fountains, the palace grounds house several buildings and parks – the Grand Palace (“the Russian Versailles”, now a vast museum of lavish rooms and galleries), Monplaisir (Peter’s outwardly more humble villa), the Grand Cascade (the centrepiece of the palace grounds with over 140 fountains), the Lower Park (parkland along the Gulf with more fountains and pavilions), Marly Palace and Alexandria Park. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the population of St Petersburg was invited to dine here at a great summer fete held every year.

Tsar restaurant of Russian Imperial cuisine was opened in 2008. The restaurant is one of few where the delicacies of traditional Russian cuisine are served. The creation of the new Tsar restaurant and the revival of lost traditions has been carried out for two years by famous designers and decorators headed by Sergey Tretyak. The historic interiors of the building remained untouched and were restored in detail. The menu is conducted by chef Roman Vasiliev. The wine list is perfectly set up by the holding’s professional chief sommelier, Denis Mikhailov.

Location: Saint Petersburg | Overnight @ Angleterre Rocco Forte Hotel | Meals Included: B, L, D

Welcome to Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful country shaped by rugged mountains, rivers, valleys and meadows. This amazing country lies in the middle of Caucasus region and has unspoiled natural beauty to complement its unique culture. The country is perfect for hiking, motorcycling, and exploring at a leisurely pace. Quaint villages and towns still dots the countryside while modern cities like Tbilisi, Batumi, Kazbegi and are highly captivating and photogenic. Georgia tourism is steadily emerging and it is still one of the last European wilderness where you can roam freely. You can also enjoy the authentic experiences, from eating traditional cuisine or interacting with the locals. The country offers something for every type of traveler.

Day 11 | Tbilisi

Arrive in Georgia

Upon arrival at Tbilisi international airport, your guide will meet you and transfer to your hotel where you can relax. Later, you will enjoy a night tour of the city of Tbilisi. After you will enjoy by a delicious Georgian dinner as you are accompanied by traditional Georgian dance performance. Then, indulge in a soothing soak in hot sulfur springs followed by a traditional massage.

Location: Tbilisi | Overnight @  Rooms Hotel Tbilisi | Meals Included: B, D

Day 12 | Tbilisi

Tbilisi Day Tour & Mskheta

In the morning after breakfast you will visit a private exhibition of paintings that will be arranged just for you. Later on get ready for Tbilisi city exploration. Tbilisi is the capital and the largest city of Georgia. It was founded in the 5th century AD by Vakhtang Gorgasali, the Georgian King of Kartli (Iberia). You will have an excursion in the old part of Tbilisi – which is abundant with historical monuments and districts such as the Narikala fortress, monument of Mother of Georgia, Metekhi plateau, and district of sulphur baths and enjoy a leisurely walk along historical figs gorge. Next visit to Georgian State museum which houses a unique collection of natural and human history, with animal remains dating back 40 million years, and rich archaeological and ethnographic collections from the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, Iron and Middle Ages.

Continue to Mskheta - the ancient capital of Georgia and UNESCO world cultural heritage attraction which is situated at the confluence of two rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi. There we visit beautifully situated on a cliff a 6th century Jvari Monastery and 11th century Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.

Location: Tbilisi | Overnight @ Rooms Hotel Tbilisi | Meals Included: B

Day 13 | Mount Kazbek

Hiking The Holy Trinity

Today a beautiful drive takes us along charming Caucasus Mountains, to a small town Stepantsminda located at the base of Mount Kazbek (5047 m) in the mountains. On the way to Kazbegi there will be a few stops for taking breathtaking pictures and enjoying the majestic beauty of the Caucasus Mountains. Upon arrival get ready for hiking to Gergeti Holy Trinity church built in the 14th century situated on the hill at an elevation of 2100 meters. From this spot you have an unforgettable view of Mount Kazbek, reaching 5047 meters and covered with glaciers and permafrost. This is one of the absolute highlights of our trip. According to the legend, the titan Prometheus who brought fire to men was chained on the Mount Kazbek.

Location: Kazbegi | Overnight @ Rooms Hotel Kazbegi | Meals Included: B

Day 14 | Kazbegi

Motorcycling Tour

Today head off to Juta village from where you can enjoy magnificent and fascinating Caucasus Mountains covered with eternal snow totally different from other parts of the Caucasus range. If we have time left enough, visit abandoned Truso gorge. The timing depends on riders motorcycling skills. The Kazbgei regions is also known for it's natural wonders, including its jaw dropping waterfalls!

Location: Kazbegi | Overnight @ Rooms Hotel Kazbegi | Meals Included: B

Day 15 | Kazbegi

Kazbegi – Mestia – Ushguli – Batumi (HELI TOUR)

Today fly by helicopter to Svaneti, the region of the highest mountains and glaciers and the most abiding ancient traditions. Explore cultural heritage of Svaneti and gain insights into ancient local history and centuries old traditions. Arrive in Ushguli, to the highest permanent village in Europe. Ushguli, and generally the whole Upper Svaneti region, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The village is most famous for its abundance of watchtowers and this is where you get the view of the highest mountain in Georgia – Mt Shkhara (5068m). In Svaneti you will have opportunity to learn more about delicious local cuisine. Depart to Batumi– a town located on the shores of Black Sea.

Location: Batumi | Overnight @ Batumi Sheraton | Meals Included: B

Day 16 | Batumi

Batumi Botanical Garden & Gonio Fortress

Visit Batumi Botanical garden; boasting one of the widest varieties of flora in the world, Batumi Botanical Garden was established in 1912 by the prominent botanist and geographer Andrey Krasnov. The garden is 111 hectares and contains flora from nine phyto-geographic areas: East Asia, North America, New Zealand, South America, the Himalayas, Mexico, Australia, the Mediterranean, and the Caucasian humid subtropics. Continue to Gonio fortress – a Roman fortification on a Black Sea.

Location: Batumi | Overnight @ Batumi Sheraton | Meals Included: B

Day 17 | Batumi

Batumi City Tour

Batumi developed in the late 19th century as the western terminus of a railway from Baku that then carried one-fifth of the world’s oil production. A pipeline and refinery built by Ludwig Nobel, brother of Swedish dynamite inventor Alfred, soon followed. Batumi gained free-port status and became a fashionable resort at the southern tip of the Russian empire. In Batumi there are special lanes around the city. Bicycle lanes run along Batumi coast and the streets of the Old City area. Hence you can explore a city by bicycle (optional). During city tour you will have the opportunity to take a cable car – which is one of the longest in Europe. The rest of the day you are welcome to spend on the beach.

Location: Batumi | Overnight @ Batumi Sheraton | Meals Included: B

Day 18 | Batumi

Fly to Tbilisi, Drive to Signagi

From Tbilisi depart to Signagi- a picturesque town located in the eastern part of Georgia and known as the birthplace of wine. On the way visit, ”Qvevri” wine museum where you will learn more about traditional wine making culture. The ancient method of Georgian making is inscribed on the UNESCO list of non material cultural treasures.

Location: Signagi | Overnight @ Kabadoni Boutque Hotel | Meals Included: B

Day 19 | Signagi

Today we are going to explore a majestic town of Signagi. The charming town with rich history is beautifully situated on the hill surrounded by a fortified wall and is considered to be the second longest wall after Great Wall of China. You will also visit Signagi state museum that exhibits Archaeology, Ethnography and Medieval expositions. At the town we visit Bodbe convent, one of the holiest places in Georgia, where St. Nino is buried – a woman who brought Christianity to Georgia in 337. After enjoying picturesque Signagi, it`s time to indulge in a special lunch at Chateau near Signagi. There together with local chef you are welcome to participate in making “Churchkela” – a traditional Georgian delicacy – a mixture of walnuts and grapes juice. You will participate in preparing famous delicious Georgian dishes “Khinkali“- Georgian dumplings with spices and “Mtsvadi” - Georgian barbeque and “Khachapuri” – Georgian cheese pie.

Location: Signagi | Overnight @ Kabadoni Boutque Hotel | Meals Included: B

Day 20 | Return to USA


Days 1 - 5 | Green Apple Boutique Hotel | Moscow

Days 5-10 | Angleterre Hotel | Saint Petersburg

Days 11 - 12 | Rooms Hotel Tbilisi | Tbilisi

Days 13 - 14 | Rooms Hotel | Kazbegi

Days 15 - 17 | Sheraton | Batumi

Days 18 - 19 | Kabadoni Boutique Hotel | Signagi



$ 69,927

$47,620 w/ o Helicopter


  • Airport VIP Meet & Greet
  • Airport Transfers
  • Daily Transfers
  • All Entrance Fees
  • Professional English Guided Services
  • VIP Private Exhibition Gallery
  • Helicopter Transfers
  • Motorcycle Tour
  • Listed Meals
  • VIP Sulfur Bath Experience
  • International Airfare
  • Meals not listed above
  • Items of a personal nature (souvenirs, medicine Ect.)
  • Trip insurance (Not included, ask for more information)



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