time ————————

She was a faithful girl, said the words on the crisp white pages of her bible. She likes helping people, screams the MMS pals shirt hanging in her closet. She's a dancer, exclaims the broken in and smelly dance shoes in her bag. She likes to sing, says the pages and pages of choir music strewn across her floor.

She likes to travel, shouts her frequently used suitcase carefully placed under her bed. She enjoys burying her nose in us says the novels among the bookshelf.. Her family means a lot to her says all the Christmas and birthday cards displayed on her dresser.

She unknowingly listens to her music playlist every free second of the day says the white earbuds plugged into her phone. The girl has many Friends and spends lots of time with them says the pictures pinned on her wall.

Her plate is pretty full says her jam packed calendar pinned on her wall when does she have time for herself.

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