About me:

I was born in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, also known as Koraat Province, Thailand. I moved to Houston, Texas in 2005 and graduated from William P. Clements High School in 2009. I enlisted in the Army and went on to serve in two combat tours. During my time in service I was deployed to Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom and Iraqi New Dawn, and to Afghanistan to support Operation Enduring Freedom. After I was honorably discharged from the Army I chose to attend Alvin Community College to pursue my major in Business Insurance and Risk Management.

From left to right: 1) Chantaburi Province, Thailand. 2) Anbar Province, Iraq. 3) Wardak Province, Afghanistan. 4) Savannah, Georgia.

I found pleasure in fishing, hiking, drawing, and playing with my loyal companion "Leo". These activities helped me cope with daily stresses and keep me physically and mentally healthy.

From left to right: 1) Chocolate Bayou, Texas. 2) "Red Rock Canyon" Colorado Springs, Colorado. 3) Leonidas wearing his bow tie. 4) My painting.

My works:

One of the earliest projects that I enjoy is the visual argument group project. This project gives me a chance to be on the opposite end of the text. Instead of reading and analyzing, I get to brainstorm with other students and come up with great ideas for the project. Unfortunately I forgot to share these pictures with my group and they were not presented in class for that day.

Calvin and Hobbes Academic Response:

This short academic response assignment is one of my favorites. The Calvin And Hobbes rhetorical analysis is what surprises me the most throughout this whole course. As I wrote and did research on this particular comic strip, I realized how thoughtful it is. Bill Watterson created a funny yet extremely thoughtful comic for us to enjoy. This particular strip led me to appreciate William Blake's impressive ability to wield his pen and words, to create beautiful poems like an artist creating a masterpiece.

Looking beyond a funny and innocent comic, Calvin and Hobbes are named after two very famous philosophers. John Calvin, who was a French Reformer, and Thomas Hobbes, an English political philosopher. Calvin and Hobbes expanded my horizon of English language which make me appreciate this class so much more.This assignment is a perfect assignment for setting my mind in the right place for the rhetorical analysis essay.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay:

Final Product

Reflective Essay:

Henry David Thoreau once said, "Language of friendship is not words but meanings". This quote pops up in my head every time I sit in my English class.In my interpretation, Thoreau means that meanings command the words. This means the ability to use the word that best suits its meanings a subtle yet impressive feat for any one person who possesses it. Average human read words but fail to assimilate them. The study of English language in a higher level help strengthens the ability to assimilate the meanings of words.

I was born in another land far away, with a strange language and different culture. What I have learned throughout many years of speaking English is that same word can mean different things. Only when I truly let myself submerge into this language that I can understand the meaning and the beauty of it. This change of environment and culture is comparable to having to learn to live under the water when I am only a human. I overcame this obstacle and can now truly appreciate the beauty of this language. With the knowledge I obtained from this course, I have developed a critical thinking and analysis skills. The ability to be conscious as a communicator, to see through the clutter of words and fillers. I am now able to look into words, letters, meanings, and details of the text. Of course, it is not comparable to those of Ernest Hemingway or William Shakespeare, but I am now aware of the art of English language.

I have always been a reader, but all the pages in my books are clean. I realize that I have not been actively reading. I read but I don't assimilate. I treated my books as if they are doctrines, ones of which can not be challenged. But books are meant to be challenged. I am suppose to read them, absorb the information and then ask questions. The rhetorical analysis skill makes me look at things and analyze the meaning behind it. The rhetorical analysis helps me to understand the meanings beyond the texts. It helps me understand the meaning of objects and people.

Rhetorical analysis skill helps me receive the information in its purest form. This skill also helps improve my communication skill. A good reader is a good writer. These skills go hand in hand. This skill will help me become a better writer, reader, and a more effective speaker. With effort and devotion of my time I hope that I will be able to achieve my goals.


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