Portfolio by Magi Caballero

For this artwork, I implemented mystical creatures and a mystical environment, The sky was edited to look vivid, I put the forest up on the sky and made it blend, you see the hollywood sign which is in the sky too, the moon is an entrance to other dimensions
For this I arranged the layers so it would look good, and i blended the color in a certain way so it looked like the lights of the fireworks were reflecting on the courthouse.
I angled and placed the giraffe and bear under the sea.
This is a cartoon I traced using Adobe Illustrator, You can see the details and how well I did it.
I colored in the characters and made the background.
I traced this in illustrator and colored it in.
I traced and refined this cartoon character in illustrator.


Created By
Magi Caballero


Created with images by Barni1 - "sydney darling harbour port"

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