Top 10 Portfolio Alex Weischedel

3D Prototype - This project meant a lot to me for a multitude of reasons. For one, it taught me how much easier big projects are when you work on them as a team and assign individual roles to each member. This will serve me well later in my college and post-professional career, as I am sure that I will have to work on a team many times. Also, it taught me how much time and effort it takes just to make a single working prototype of a product. At the end of the day, it was very meaningful to see the final prototype of the Sandblox, and even though it didn’t end up working like it was supposed to, it was still very cool to hold it and look at it in its final form.
Picture Matching Recognizing Patterns - this was one of my favorite out-of-class assignments in this class, and not just because it was simpler than the 30-day challenge or the 3d prototyping project. Another reason why was that it made me pay more attention to nature and patterns outside, such that I could properly compare a manmade object and a natural structure. It was also very cool to look at the pictures other people, because many of them were very creative and unique.
Dance your Powerpoint - This was yet another very entertaining and interesting video to watch, for many reasons. For one, the dancing was very well-choreographed and that increased my enjoyment of the video. However, it also enhanced my understanding of the complex phenomenon he was explaining. Additionally, not only was he trying to teach us things about the bacteria, but he was also making a statement about how dancing can be used to teach… by using dancing to teach. This dealt with body thinking, and was certainly helpful in understanding that concept as well.
Abstracting Animals - This activity was another one of my favorites that we did in class. We were able to observe abstracting, one of the creative thinking tools about which we learned, in action. It involved breaking down a picture of an animal that we drew into its most simple form by decreasing the number of lines we used to draw its general shape from the original drawing to 10, then 5, then 3, and finally 1. This provided a baseline for when we will probably abstract a lot in Creativity in Action in the summer.
Tessellations - This in-class activity was one of my personal favorite things we did because I was able to see how the same shapes made from a square always fit together. And even though we expect them to fit, it is still surprising to see that they fit perfectly after you are done tracing the shape out. This ties into recognizing and forming patterns.
30-Day Challenge - This was very important to me because doing something creative every day for 30 days really works your right-brain as much as one should when in the field of innovation. I feel that it helped to prepare me for the mindset I should have when I am entering the workforce post-university. Additionally, it was something fun to take the edge off from school, because being creative is enjoyable. (shown is what I did on Day 6, the unlikely offspring of two animals.)
IDEO Shopping Cart Video - We watched this video two times during the semester, and I was glad for several reasons. For one, it was a very cool video to watch, because it is interesting to see the creative process behind such an innovative shopping cart. However, it was also nice to see it the second time because I noticed a lot of things about it that I did not the first time because of things I learned in the time between the first and second times watching it. It was very meaningful to me for the reasons I previously stated.
Poems about Dogs - I liked this video very much, for many reasons. For one, the poem where he speaks from the perspective from the dog who dislikes his owner is funny, However, it is also good because it ties well into empathizing, one of the 13 creative thinking tools discussed in the book Sparks of Genius.
Cleveland Hospital Video - This video was very emotional, and while part of that is because of the music, most of it is because of the subject matter, where we were able to see the situations that each person in the hospital is dealing with. This was very important for empathizing purposes because now when I go to the hospital, I will try to put myself in the other people’s shoes instead of judging them.
Straw Towers - This was another very fun in-class activity, both because it was very competitive, as we were all trying to build the tallest tower, and because I was given a disability. This made it more interesting to build the tower, as I was unable to speak, but I still had to convey what I wanted to do with the tower. This gave me insight as to how deaf and mute people face on a daily basis, only more of the mute part because of course I was still able to hear what my fellow group members were saying. However, that did not detract at all from my enjoyment of the activity. Of course, it helped with empathizing.


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