Coalition for the International Criminal Court

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC) is an legislative body dedicated to promoting justice and improving millions of livelihoods by holding high-profile individuals responsible for their crimes against humanity.

In just over one year since its official inception, the CICC has indicted 42 high-profile criminals, including military generals, rebel leaders, and presidents responsible for crimes against humanity. The organization hopes to continue convicting such criminals while spreading its mission across all countries, with the eventual goal eradicating hate crimes, genocide, and mass violence.

Why Intern Here?

Ranked by Kaplan as one of the top potential internships for pre-law students, working for the CICC would be an opportunity to gain meaningful hands-on experience in the exact field I hope to pursue. The CICC is the perfect chance to combine my passions for humanitarianism, global affairs, and international law with my past experiences as a community leader and social entrepreneur. By synthesizing all of these aspects of my character, I hope to grow closer towards my eventual goal of changing the world through humanitarian efforts.

What would the internship entail?

As an intern at the CICC in New York, I would work firsthand on high-profile international cases. Some of the most meaningful benefits of this journey will include:

  • Attending United Nations meetings
  • Gaining courtroom experience before law school
  • Networking with international leaders
  • Gaining direct exposure to humanitarian law
  • Earning international professional experience

Aside from the evident value of these benefits, the greatest advantage of this internship will be the ability to give a voice to the millions of persecuted individuals who have suffered the injustices of power abuse. Ultimately, this experience will be the first of many steps towards a career of vigorously pursuing this mission.


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