A Shitty draft

I think that the over all theme of this draft process aside from frustration and reluctancy in retrospect would have to metacognition. After that 8 page annotated bibliography that I grueling produced I thought that this paper was going to be a breeze. Subsequently all of the difficult part is done, after spending hours on end trying to find research on academic/peer reviewed articles on a fictional character that I would perceive as useful for my paper. As much as that process sucked it gave me a ridiculous amount of very useful research, allowing me all the tools I needed to produce an A worthy essay. Which ironically made this paper much harder for me, due to the fact that I realized that it was extremely difficult to incorporate all of my research eliminates that I hoped to address . Along with the fact that I was not able to stay true to the centralized claim that I hoped to clearly and supportively establish. Being that, the core of Ramsey's villainy is driven by his own insecurities. Although certain aspects of my draft will transfer into my actual paper with certain modifications, mostly introduction, I realized that I need to rescale and reevaluate how I use my research.

The variable that is going to play the biggest role in the outcome of this project is undoubtably effort. Proving that Ramsey is a horrific villain would be very easy to do and I could write a 10,000 word essay talking about how he fit's the role. Which was kind of how my draft ended up turning out. In incorporating my main claim, as referenced above, "the core of Ramsey's villainy is driven by his own insecurities" i'm taking a more difficult and more valuable approach. At least in my opinion. I need to be able to display openness to idea's as I continue the writing process and stray away from summarization, as I ran into this problem with my draft. Bring in creative aspects to my thesis that are unique and maybe not so obvious to the common viewer. I think that comparing Ramsey to Vlad the Impaler is a good way of accomplishing these goals. It is clear that Ramsey and Vlad have numerous similarities dealing with how they carry out their own individual actions. Which is easy to draw connections especially with the sources that I used. Yet I think that it might be a good idea to kind of scale back on this information rather than going into depth. Before I write about this concept in my final essay i'm going to incorporate information on how they had similar tough upbringings and try to prove that their past has shaped them into the people that they became. Which I will focus on the aspect of their insecurities supporting my claiming and drawing the final connection that insecurity play's a major role in the psychology of their decision making. By practicing engagement and applying my own creativity, as detailed by this example my claim will be better supported and my finial production will thus be better. The hard part however will be to continuing and building off this process with other examples that will be found in my research.

Unfortunately through this process I have come to the conclusion that there is much more work to be done. However this part in writing the essay is actually kind of fun and definitely very interesting. Being that Im done with that terrible annotated bibliography and mostly know what i'm working with. I went into this project having a broad idea as to whom my character was and will leave it with a totally different view. Which as a result for me feels very accomplishing and I'm not even finished. That being said I am not done with my research but have drastically built up my knowledge on my topic. So I think that I will actually enjoy it, as surprising as that seems for me to say.



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