Tesla Survey Summary By: peri nikas

Tesla Survey Analysis

I chose to make my survey about Tesla Motors and the new vehicles they create each year. I take an interest in the technology that allows people to create efficient, quiet, and fast cars. I find the idea of cars being driverless in the near future very intriguing and I wanted to know how others felt about it. The cars Tesla produces are also very well designed and really catch one’s eye. Teslas are also cars everyone may not be able to afford. Despite this, I feel that will change with the introduction of the new Model 3, which has a base price of $35k. I also wanted to know more about how much people knew about the cars themselves(mileage, price, etc.).

At first, I asked some general questions such as why people prefer electric power over gasoline, guessing the price of the Model S, which model you prefer most, guessing the 0-60 time, etc. I was not too surprised with my results as most responses were very similar. The general way people felt about electric cars being superior to gasoline was because they would not have to buy fuel, it's good for the environment, etc. The guesses of price varied, as it was more of a question to test knowledge than anything else. The same can be said in the question that asked the survey takers to guess the 0-60 time of the Model S. Overall, people preferred the Model X the most, which is the SUV, and nobody preferred the Model S, which is the new inexpensive model.

There were a couple more controversial/important questions those who took the survey answered. The first was asking if they would feel comfortable in a driverless car, given that driverless cars often make less errors than humans according to statistics. These results were shocking, 53.8% said they would feel comfortable in a driverless car while the other 46.2% said they would not feel comfortable. I find it a bit odd that over half of the people surveyed would not mind a car that can drive itself. In my opinion, I would be afraid of a malfunction that could possibly lead to an accident. It just goes to show how many people in this age are open and accepting of new and somewhat futuristic feeling technology. Many of the people who took this survey did have a problem with waiting 30 minutes to charge their car though. This shows that in order to sell more cars, Tesla needs to improve the charging speed of their vehicles. I wanted to test the general knowledge that people have about electric cars, the Tesla brand, and the future of driverless cars. Some results were surprising, as most people mentioned they would feel safe in a driverless car. The other questions weren't too surprising, as I would expect those types of general answers from anyone.

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