Reflective Journal #2 Week BEGINNING 13/03/2017

Entry #1 - Presentation

This week we presented the presentation we had been working on to the rest of the class about our game idea. We had worked on the presentation for a week prior to when we had to present it and we both completed half of the work each. In preparation for the presenting it, i believe we could have practiced presenting the power point a bit more as we just made sure which bits each other would say and this would have made us more prepared and confident when it came to presenting. We completed the presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint as i have access to this at home and we needed to keep the same format within the power point.

Before the presentation, i was feeling quite nervous because i am not very confident about speaking in front of lots of people. I know if i were to do this in a real working environment, it would probably be with a larger group and so i tried to put my nerves aside ready for the presentation.

I think that our presentation went okay, there were a couple of things that i believe we could of done better. We could have written some cards with notes on to prompt us as to what to say next as i felt sometimes we were reading off of the power point a bit too much. I felt the like way we are planning to evaluated our work could have also been explained a little better as we did not really provide a definite answer as to how we are going to do it. Another thing that was brought up was that we should start on creating the blueprints for the puzzles before we actually start on the models as this way we will know what we are able to do in terms of difficulty and interactivity within our level. I think a good point was that we did try to include lots of images within our presentation so that we could show the audience what sort of looks we are going for and the inspiration we are using. I look forward to receiving feedback on how our presentation went as we will the have some ideas as to what we did wrong and how to further improve our presentation skills if we were to do this again.

A screenshot of the one of the slides within our presentation

After the presentation, we handed both the PowerPoint along with our proposal document which i had been working on for the past week. In this i explained why i choose to do the job role, what sort of idea we have and the references we will use as inspiration when it comes to creating our level. We also produced a timetable which will allow me to follow a schedule to make sure that my work is being completed on time and that i know what i need to do next once i have completed my current work. I think that this timetable will be very useful in the upcoming weeks as we both know the dates that certain pieces of work needs to be completed by and this will allow us to work smoothly to complete our goal. I have completed the proposal document on Microsoft Word as the example document was already in this format, so i thought it would save time doing it in this software rather than copying it over into another such as google docs.

Entry #2 - Codemasters Talk

In one of the Wednesday sessions, we had a talk from a member of a company called Codemasters. He explained to us what his job role consists of, which was largely audio based. He also talked about how he recommended getting a job in QA as it is a good way to get your foot in the door within the games industry. I found this part particularly interesting as it is may be a good route to look into if i am interested in good way to gain some insight as to what its like to work in on a game. It was also interesting to learn about how all of the different teams work together with one another and how they relay this information from team to team.

Entry #3 - Blueprint work

Using the feedback that we received from our lecturer, i decided to look into how to create some of the blue prints that we will need in order for some of our puzzles to function. My plan was to follow a youtube tutorial that i had found on how to create a door that opens when the player collides with a switch. I was then going to attempt to tweek this blue print so that after the player collides with switches in a certain order then the door will open. This, however, did not go to plan as i was unable to get the first part of the tutorial complete which was setting the path that the door would move. This frustrated me at first because i followed the tutorial step by step and made sure that i had done everything that the person did to their on mine. I eventually figured out what was wrong with my blue print as i had not ticked the movable box on the static mesh. This was a stupid mistake that i made but i was concentrating so much on the tutorial and taking notes that i did not realize till the end. I now have a working example of a door that i activated by the player colliding with a button. I completed all of the blue print work within Unreal Engine 4 and i watched the tutorial on youtube.

Things to do

I am planning to continue the work on the blue print i have created. I will try to add multiple buttons that need to be activated in a certain order to act as a sort of start puzzle for the player. I will also continue to carry on modelling the assets to be used within our dungeon, as i have completed the modular kit to kick start our level. I will try to focus on the more detailed pieces so that i can finish them, unwrap them and then they are ready for Callum to start texturing them. I am also planning to start to block out the level within unreal so that we have some sort of idea as to how our level is going to be set out, so we can start building it up.


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