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PwC is known for being one big four accounting firms. PwC is more than just an accounting accounting firm; it is also one of the top service firms that practices in advisory, assurance, and tax. PwC has 20 markets in the US in a number of different industries and businesses.

PwC's Values

  • We act with integrity
  • We make a differnce
  • We care
  • We work together
  • We reimagine the possible


"To provide an unrivaled level of service and to contribute to the sustained growth of the economy through the execution of vigorous, fair, and high-quality audits based on clear leadership and creative teamwork"


PwC emphasizes positive and firm feedback in regards to employee's professional development throughout their time at the company. While PwC takes their commitment to service very seriously, they provide employees with ample time to recharge. In addition, PwC prioritizes opportunities for employees to give back to the community. PwC understands the necessity of the presence of parents in their children's lives. Once a person begins working at PwC they join not only for a career but for a community, the PwC family. As a family, PwC has set up networks for people of different diversities so that individuals feel not only included but have colleagues who are there to mentor them.


PwC's internship program begins with training to strengthen students their professional skills. Following this, students work side by side with partners on real world assignments. Throughout the internship, each intern is assigned to a coaching team which is given in order to develop leadership skills. The program also has a shadowing experience allowing interns to see more than just one part of the firm. Interns are invited to give back to the community by working with students and teachers in Belize City. PwC also sets up events so that other interns are able to easily connect with one another.

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