the great flood of 1993 by Vincent shurn

I chose this event because it shows how succession would happen with a over flow of water and it is one of the biggest floods in the past 200 years

the great flood flooded north and south Dakota,Nebraska,Kansas,Minnesota,Iowa,Missouri,Wisconsin,Illinois. it caused about a hundred levees brake
the flood was caused by the weather because it rained 200-350 present more than normal
usually a flood affects citys or maybe one state, not 9 states

the flood caused serious damage to homes and farmland. about 50,000 homes were destroyed and 15 million acres of farmland was destroyed

a lot of things were carried away like rock and home.also,with force of the water a lot of rocks, plants, and homes were weathered away

the environment will recover by secondary succession starting with the water helping plants to grow in the soil.also, holes in the ground will make ponds so there could be small water habitats

people were prepared and they were not. people were warned that there would be more rain over the summer, but nobody expected 200-350% of more rain.people also didn't expect a lot of levees to brake

Created By
Vincent Shurn


Created with images by skeeze - "flood city neighborhood" • michael.po - "flood"

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