Floods?Find out for sure using Snapmaps Jomar hilarIo

What is really happening in the event?
Irma Miami
Is that storm surge or the normal waves!?
Can your car really pass there?

Lets begin!!!

Install or open snapchat

Pinch from the snapchat camera

Pinch= as if you are making yourself smaller than the world.

Click allow. Dont worry ill tell you how to be safe so nobody sees you when you use this.
Select Location while using snapchat
Pick only me (ghost mode)

Pick only me!!!! Ghost mode!!!' Or else people see where your phone is --real time!!!

Drag. Map to place you. Like
Get real time --- weather or event videos and photos. Just zoom in!!
Tap the photo!!!
You are now inside someone else snapchat story
Thats supposed to be funny
Snaps expire so only photos and videos from 24 hrs ago will be visible

Lets go to the philippines

Snapchat Is not that popular in Philipines...
So if there are no floods or rains or parties or rallies...no red....
Use snapmap To find restos!!!
If theres a public snap/event ...map becomes red
Zoom in
Zoom pinch!
Thats it!! Now you know snapmaps!
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Created By
Jomar Hilario


Photos from From snapmaps. And snapchat.

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