Seeking Kevin Herrera, Jordyn McKenzie, Michael Hunter, Lauren Rose

Seeking means: having a goal. But finding means: being free, being open, having no goal. Siddhartha, Pg. 122

1) Compare and contrast with readings within the module. What is the common message or thread that runs through the module?

  • End goal may be similar, but the journey is different
  • Siddhartha - focus on the path
  • Inside Mecca - 3 different journeys, same end goal
  • Ayn Rand - Upbringing influences philosophical beliefs

2) What do you think of the texts under consideration?

  • Siddhartha: Very meditative, intellectually stimulating, 3rd person helps relate the book to our lives
  • Inside Mecca: Analogy for the college journey
  • Ayn Rand: Differences in view points, but respectful of different philosophical beliefs

4) How do readings relate to the theme of the module? How does the module relate to the Good Life?

  • Seeking does not necessarily mean you will find.
  • Look at Siddhartha's and Govinda's journey

4/5) How do the readings and themes relate to your "real life" selection? Why did you choose your "real life" selection?

  • Similar to Siddhartha in terms of focusing on the journey
  • Relateable, within our time
  • Similar themes: finding meaning in self, awakening, similar symbols, loss of a loved one, set ways of thinking, Unity of past and new life

Discussion Questions:

1) If the end goal is the same, does the journey there matter?

2) Do you think that devoting ourselves to someone is only out of selfishness or can we love without selfish desire?

"Seeking means: to have a goal; but finding means: to be free, to be receptive, to have no goal." -Siddhartha, Pg.

1) Compare and Contrast with the reading in the modules. What is the common message or theme that runs throughout the module?

  • The end point may be the same, but the journey is different
  • Siddhartha - Focusing on the path
  • Inside Mecca - 3 different journeys
  • Ayn Rand - Journey affects philosophical beliefs


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