Film Animation

First Animations

History of Animation

By: Ashley Olson

The birth of animation took place in 1919, with black and white. Felix the Cat was created in the silent film era. American animator Otto Messmer took credit for creating Felix. Felix is know as the first animated star. 1928 is the start of the great Walt Disney Studios with Steamboat Willie featuring Mickey Mouse, Walt’s first character and still beloved mouse. The golden age of animation is the time when animation became a huge part of everyday life. These years are defined by the rise of Walt Disney with characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Warner Brothers, MGM, and Fleischer, with characters like Betty Boop and Popeye, also rose during these period in time. In 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released and was the first animated feature to use hand-drawn animation. Though it has changed much over the years, the first fully animated feature film did not come out till 1995, with the release of Toy Story.

Making of Frozen

Animation and Moral in Frozen

By Allie Rud

Have you ever noticed anything interesting about Disney Movies? I have noticed that many of these movies have a message. Disney movies because they have good inspirational stories and messages behind them; These movies should be used for character building in schools. They are very entertaining to young children while teaching them important lessons about character they have no idea that they are learning. Frozen is a great example of one of these movies. It has many lessons to offer such as the importance of relationships with family shown between the sisters. The process begins by studying how the characters should be, act, look, and sound. Then 2D drawings of the characters are made as well as models of the characters. They then decided poses and movements for each character. It can take multiple tries to determine each of the scenes. They do their best to make the animation in these movies seem as real as they possibly can. They focus on tiny details such as eye movements to get the final product that we are able to view.

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