The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt BY, Jordan vann

The Spacial Experience

I had a very good experience in the Constans Theatre. The blackbox theatre gave me feelings of excitement for what I was to experience. I was directed to the second row of seats in front of the stage. I have never been in a seat as close as I was for this performance. As the lights dimmed, I was enveloped in a feeling of tranquility, and was able to focus entirely on the story unfolding in front of me. The theatre is relatively large, and it gave me satisfaction to know I was one of the fortunate individuals able to sit so close to the stage. I was able to notice the smallest details about the performance, and was enthralled by the skill that the actors demonstrated.

Inside The Constans Theatre

The Social Experience

I decided to attend the performance by myself. Many times, I enjoy doing activities on my own. I am able to get lost in my thoughts and fully focus my attention on the activity I am involved in. I had a wholesome experience viewing this performance. It really gave me an opportunity to appreciate the production and relax as the story was told. To get ready for the play, I read background information about the performance and ensured I was dressed in proper theatre attire. I sat beside some friendly strangers, and exchanged a couple words about the performance after it ended. We all agreed that this performance was an admirable one.

A useful program providing information about the performance

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The performance opened a very important window to the past. There were multiple issues being addressed in it. The rise of the Industrial Revolution, corrupted social rights, and a clash between Religion and Theatre were all part of the storyline. It was amazing to be able to witness a performance that provided such accurate information about society in the past. I also realized how far our culture has come since those times, abolishing the past unlawful mishaps that occurred during the nineteenth century. I knew the Industrial Revolution was a very important event, and the performance reminded me about how horrible the working conditions could be. It was shocking to hear about the deaths of many children that occurred in factories, and flooring to see how unsympathetic the owner of the factory was for the losses of the children. The performance changed my views about the power of theatre. It was amazing to be able to look back into a window of society from long ago, and truly understand the how significant the events were. Theatre was a very useful tool for displaying the corruptness of society. The performance shows me that I have all the rights to voice my opinions, and that I should not hesitate to speak out against unfair treatment.

Inside the lobby

The Emotional Experience

The performance given by this play was an unforgettable experience. The actors displayed their emotions very clearly, and I was even able to feel the anguish that the Mrs. Talbot displayed after the loss of her son, Leo. The performance fully encapsulated a series of morally corrupt events, followed by the actions that actors took to correct the issues. It was emotionally moving to see the characters strive for justice and begin the journey of a revolution. This sequence of events provided the audience with katharsis after summarizing the important journey and growth that the main characters experienced.

Me posing outside the theatre before the performance
Me standing outside the theatre before the performance
Me inside the lobby after the performance
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