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"I was able to find the sparkle of life. So I want to find people who are lost. As I was before, And help them now. So if you keep walking, I have fulfilled my purpose, And if you’re able to find it, Please help other find it too. You will, You… You will already know the meaning of life. What your treasure may be, And how you can obtain it. Is something nobody knows, But you will surely find it someday. So no matter how painful it is right now. No matter how sad you are. If even you are angry, Even if you smile, Even if you cry, Even if you are screaming and cry, Please walk on. Until the day you find your treasure. If you, the people of the other side of the screen, where you find yourself alone, It’s all right. You’re set alone. I’m here. I will always be here. So rest assured. This is what I realized …..Thank You. ….thanks to you…. I led a good life. Let’s go, The world is so beautiful, And….. Life is beautiful, It’s a wonderful life!" -Tomoyo It's a Wonderful Life



Contact Information:

16604 Francisquito Ave. La Puente, California 91744

Email- crazyrikitiki@csu.fullerton.edu

Phone Number: (626) 715-3582

My name is Ricky Quang, I am currently a 3rd year in California State University of Fullerton. Working on my bachelor’s in Business Administration of Arts with a concentration in Marketing. My short-term goal in life is to graduate college and look for an entry level job and or internship with a company that has a Marketing Department. Ultimately, my long-term/ life goal is to work for a anime company such as Crunchyroll, and help promote my love for Japanese Culture such as Anime and Manga. I spent a little more than half my lifetime doing what I love. As a result, I would like to spend my entire life promoting the Japanese Culture.

Pictures of California State University of Fullerton

Bachelors in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration, B.A.

Volunteer at Anime Expo in 2014

My resume.
These are a few examples of my hobble. I like to watch anime, read manga, and play video games.

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