The Harn: A Trip Caitlin Macfarlane

Seeing this artwork in person gave me the chance to appreciate the effort the artist had to put into the piece and the delicacy with which she must have had to exercise as opposed to just seeing a 2-D version of the piece online. I found the artists manipulations of 3-D to be fascinating; musical notes seem to dance, a seahorse crab floats suspended by time all supported by the sobering presence of human bones. This piece communicated to me both an intense appreciation and desperation for life--to enjoy it and covet it with every breath. It made me feel overwhelmed by my own existence. (Graves, Nancy. II-06-94. 2003. Bronze with patina and glass. The Harn, n.p.)
This piece is strategically placed front and center the moment you walk into this exhibit. It takes over the room with its size and colors, beckoning you forward from the entrance. The organization of the room and placement of the piece itself catch the eye and rivet your attention. I felt pulled into the room and curious as to where such a both loud and silent piece originated. Coker, Francis Kodow. "Chinese" Style Fancy Dress Costume. 2010. Cotton, nylon zipper, wire, paint, sisal. The Harn, n.p
Although not a commonly heard of value, mine would be elegance--in life and in thought. These works by [ ] bring to life how I envision elegance: a form of jewel-encrusted and all-consuming grace that extends into society and soul. It instills in me a warm sense of hope and perseverance, that, although invisible, I can improve myself as a person and be seen as the epitome and elegance. This helps me understand my expectations for myself and how I can do my best to achieve them. (Minter, Marilyn. Wangechi Gold #6. 2009. Chromogenic print. The Harn, n.p.)
To me, this piece appears to depict a family embracing fully, with no boundaries to the love they shower one another with. I believe the good life has much to do with family and the support they constantly and consistently provide no matter what life may throw your way. Depicted in art, the Good Life theme may be nothing more than a sensation, the feeling of knowing your are surrounded by good people and doing your very best to not only improve your life but others'. This piece communicates this theme by depicting the circular and unending pattern of love and affection we should harbor for every fellow human on Earth. It helps me understand this concept by acting as a physical medium for me to understand such an abstract idea. (Cárdenas, Agustin. La Familia. 1984. Bronze sculpture. The Harn, n.p)


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