Macedonia Conquers Greece

Macadonia is a kingdom to the north of Greece. At the time Aristotle is alive, Philip II is king of Macafonia. Philip spends his life as king at war with one people or another.

Phillip and the Macedonians of that time think them selves to be Greek. The Greeks do not. They consider the Macedonians just another barbarian people.

After successfully fighting his mountain neighbors, Philip II invades Greece. He has victory after victory. The Greek poleis refuse to work together to defeat the Macedonians. Philip defeats one polis at a time.

The Greeks have destroyed themselves and their power in the Mediterranean World through squabbling among themselves. It is Philip II, a king of Macedonia who will restore Greek influence in the Mediterranean World. Greek ideas, the Greek language, Greek culture, but Macedonian power dominate. The Hellenic world is ended. The Hellenistic world begins.

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