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  • Multi-genre Writing Project: I loved working on this project because it was such a creative assignment. As a teacher, I hope to one day incorporate this project as it evokes critical thinking, analysis, of a text as well as a good understanding of the text in order to develop a great project. Mine was on "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton and it was an overall fun and creative experience that I enjoyed.
  • Lesson plan from Student-Led Lesson: I faced some difficulty creating a lesson plan for the student-led lesson, as I was the last person to present for our class and we were basically out of topics. However, I liked my topic and especially my activity that I'm disappointed I didn't get to exercise during my lesson.
  • Memoir: This was probably my favorite assignment of the semester because it required me to change direction in my writing. I liked that I not only got to know my mom in a deeper way, but it also placed me in her shoes (since I wrote in third-person), and made me reflect on the differences between my mother and I. It also made me more aware of my mothers beautiful perseverance and attitude on life.
  • Best of the Semester Blog Post: I chose my Wild Card blog post because I like to see my differing viewpoints as well as reflections over the course of time. I like to compare where I was during that exact period in the semester to where I am in sentiments now. This Wild Card reflected on the inspiration evoked in me by a class I took this semester.
  • Post I Wish I Could Revise and Why: The post I wish that I could revise is one of our first posts about what our favorite short story was. At the time, I really couldn't figure out what was my favorite short story, however, throughout the course of this semester I feel like I've definitely established a favorite short story and wish that I could revise as well as share my visceral experience and development of the short story "Street man" in Tiphanie Yanique's "How to Escape from A Leper Colony."
  • Childhood Narrative Blog Post: I chose to include this blog post because it's very close to my heart. I'm very happy that we decided to write a childhood narrative, because it threw me back into very vivid memories that were fun, as well as easy, to write when we were assigned them.
  • Poetry Slam Poem: I loved my poem because I felt like it was a really great portrayal of who I am today as a person. However, it still assess that I'm subject to change just as everyone else, and I'm very proud of it as a work entirely.
  • An essay I've written in another class at Clemson: This is a series of poems that I wrote for my Post-colonialism course for Cameron Bushnell. I really enjoyed writing them and my relationship with poetry has definitely developed throughout the course of this semester; so I would love to come back and see these again in the future to see contrast more change after elapsed time
  • Grading Rubric for Memoir: Creating rubrics is slightly complicated and uninteresting, but in this rubric I just mostly focused on the key features of a typical essay and built off of that in terms of my memoir. I tried to focus on elements that geared toward the memoir in specific and not just a typical essay.
  • Grading Rubric for Blog Posts: When thinking about a rubric for blog posts I ended up gearing towards how I would grade a discussion, especially through interest and investment as well as a development of ideas throughout blog posts.
  • Grading Rubric for Creative Poem: I wanted to challenge myself with this rubric because I feel like it's pretty hard to grade poems: as creativity is so subjective. However, I focused on themes and devices that are essential to cohesive poetry.
  • Piece of Creative Writing: For this I chose another poem: which was the poem about my name that I ended up really liking. I'm very influenced by nature and love the way it trickles into my creative art forms. Therefore, I figured coming back to read this will also be a good experience to learn more about my writing.
  • Ivy's "Say my Name" Poem and my provided feedback provided: This is Ivy's short poem about her name. I chose this poem because I relate so much with her about people always messing up her name. It's a very candid poem that I really love, especially because it's free-versed and simple. I like that Ivy wrote about her name because its a conversation that I've had with her from the very beginning of our acquaintance -- when I thought her name was Abby. I love this poem and I don't think it can get much better unless she personalizes it a little more and maybe adds a rhyme scheme that makes it sing-songy. Regardless, I love her poem and I love Ivy as a classmate and person.

Set of links/social media accounts & websites that will be useful as a writing teacher

  • 30 Ideas for Teaching Writing: I really liked this website because it offers so many different ideas and activities that I know wont be hard to implement in my classroom as a teacher one day. I also like that with all of these ideas it's easy to branch off and personalize each thing to fit your classroom.
  • 12 Assignments Every Middle School Student Should Write: I thought this website was important to save because I think it's hard to come up with innovative writing assignments that force your students to critically-think outside of their own sphere. I loved these writing assignments and I think they're great for founding good writing throughout the school year.
  • Making Writing Meaningful for Middle School Students: I personally feel like making writing meaningful is a huge part about teaching writing. Its not so much about the context, but the thinking that goes into creating a piece of work and I think middle school is the perfect age to start meaningful writing as well as those reflective and critical-thinking strategies that we love so much in the english major.
  • What Every English Teacher Needs to Know: I love that every English teacher always has a different piece of advice to give you. So finding this list was great because it's a compiled list of advice from various english teachers of many grade school levels and I think when I come back to look at my portfolio as a future teacher, I'll really get a lot of use from this website.

Best teaching writing books of 2017

Best teaching books of 2017 that I looked up and found -- according to reviews and literary critiques from teachers all over, then I added them to a wishlist and felt like I'll one day need to utilize this list so I took a screenshot. This is for the purpose of looking back on in my future career.

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