2017-2018 Annual Report JA British Columbia




We feel it is necessary to acknowledge the incredible work, heart and dedication of our volunteers first and foremost in this annual report.

Realizing our vision requires the cooperation of many stakeholders, however the group that truly makes things happen is the volunteers. Our incredible volunteers represent JABC each and every day, in every classroom, in every school district. They take our mission of making sure every child has an opportunity to participate in a JA program and turn it into reality. They bring life to our programs, sharing their real-life experiences and impacting the career aspirations and life-long success of students in a multitude of ways.

Volunteers, there aren't enough words to express our gratitude but we want you and the world to know that you are the heart of JA. Thank you for all that you do.

Volunteering for JABC is a unique and rewarding experience. Here's what some of our volunteers have told us:

"I love being able to help kids by showing them the importance of having a financial understanding to launch them into their futures."

- Cathy Coe, JABC Volunteer

“I love what Junior Achievement offers in the way of structured learning and gives the kids the tools for financial success.”

- Aaron Jones, JABC Volunteer

"Volunteering for the Dollars with Sense program through JABC directly impacts my community now and in the future. I have, and continue to take part because for me it is about educating youth through engaging conversations. By providing our youth with the right financial tools, we are helping to grow a thriving community of confident, financially literate individuals and inspire them to succeed and attain more than they thought possible."

- Julia Knowles, JABC Volunteer

"I often see in my job people who wish they were taught things like budgeting and the true cost of borrowing when they were in school, I too thought the same thing. That’s why I decided to volunteer with JA. I look forward to volunteering again next year with Julia!"

- Ashley Delgado, JABC Volunteer

"I have been a JA volunteer for over 10 years and highly recommend the experience. It is fun to be in front of the room with kids who are so full of energy! I can tell that the students are learning some life skills that will stay with them forever."

- Darrell Ross, JABC Volunteer


JABC regularly conducts surveys of our teachers and students to ensure our programs continue to be relevant, meaningful and accessible. The results below reflect teacher and student sentiments over the past 12 months.

What our teachers say:

What our students who have taken JA Economics for Success say:

Long Term Impact

According to a report for JA Canada by the Boston Consulting Group, JA Alumni are overall better positioned for the workforce.

Teacher Testimonials

"Thank you for bringing this program to my class! It is amazing to see some of the quieter students break out of their shells as they got more and more into the program you are delivering. I could barely keep up with how many curriculum matches you covered as well. We can't wait for you to come back next week and deliver the rest of the program."

- Stacey Kleon, Teacher, Golden, BC

“I love that JA brings community people into the classroom. I love seeing kids with unique talents shine, gain a sense of accomplishment and career purpose. Brilliant ideas come from kids and it is awesome to celebrate that."

- Beth Morgan, Teacher, Kamloops, BC

2017-2018 AT A GLANCE


Inspiring, preparing and empowering youth for life-long success.

As the first JA charter in Canada, JABC has been delivering entrepreneurship, career readiness and financial literacy training courses into elementary, middle and high-school classrooms across BC for over 60 years. Our innovative programs incorporate a mix of modern and traditional delivery methods and are specially designed to complement provincial classroom curriculums. These programs introduce students to 21st century skills – communication, collaboration, leadership, problem solving, decision-making and more – while undertaking practical training on saving, spending earning, investing, business management, interviews, resume writing and more. Our programs are delivered by a team of trained and dedicated volunteers who are able to share relevant, real-life examples and experiences to students. JABC’s extensive network of partners, including educators, businesses, volunteers, policymakers and philanthropists, make it possible for students to access our programs, free of charge, in over 90% of BC's school districts.

The following stories have been shared by members of the JABC Program team from around the province and highlight some of the rewards, challenges, successes and transformations experienced by volunteers, students and teachers who participated in a JA program over the past year.

JA Empowers

“One of the most succinct examples that exemplify the value and power of this program was a very mild-mannered young participant, Matthew, who was naturally very introverted. Through the course of the program, though not being a highly outspoken individual per se, he demonstrated an increasing amount of confidence, boldness, and leadership. In particular, filling the gap as others withdrew their level of engagement from time to time. I think the experience has implanted an absolute desire in him to pursue business to some degree, and most likely within the area of finance and/or accounting.”

- Jame Healy, Senior Advisor, Alescent Inc.; JA Company Program Mentor

When Matthew, a grade 11 student at D.W. Poppy Secondary School in Langley, told his mother he wanted to participate in JA Company Program, she wasn’t sure how she felt about it and later shared with us, “Matthew was very keen to participate in the program, but I was nervous that the program might be a bit too much for him. We decided to support his decision to participate and our decision was validated from the very first session Matthew attended onwards.” When Matthew came home from his first session, he had a big smile on his face and told his mother, “This is a really good stress!”

Matthew joined the JA student company, Bright Bella, which sold reflective umbrellas with fun and unique designs to keep pedestrians safe in the rain. Matthew was a member of the finance department and demonstrated dedication and persistence throughout the course of his participation. He took pride in his sales figures and received kudos from his teammates as he generated more sales than their actual sales department. Bright Bella had an opportunity to sell their products at the annual Make It show in Vancouver in the spring and, at one point, Matthew was the only one at their booth. The Honourable Shane Simpson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction was at the fair and chatted with Matthew, resulting in a photo which was later shared on the minister’s Facebook page.

The Honourable Shane Simpson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction chats with Matthew at the Make It show.

Stephen Branch, President, Metric Modular, was one of Bright Bella’s mentors and shared his observations:

“One student seemed to gain the most growth in terms of building confidence in his own abilities and strengths. While reserved at the start, Matthew met each challenge of the program head on and did not waver in his dedication. He often stood in wherever needed and learned the value of being heard and the contribution of his knowledge and skills. It was a pleasure to be thanked by his mother for volunteering and hear her feedback on the impact the program had on Matthew’s confidence. I encouraged Matthew to contact me should he ever need a reference in the future.”

Matthew’s JA Company Program mentors, both senior business leaders, praised Matthew for his dedication, attentional to detail and business acumen when stepping into multiple positions. They both offered Matthew a personal reference upon completion of the program and encouraged him to consider taking on a senior leadership role in the program next year.

"Thank you for the support and never letting the room get too tense. This was an amazing opportunity for me to learn more of how to apply my skills in the real world of business"

- Matthew, JA Company Program participant

JA Prepares

Throughout his life, Jeremiah Philips has been observing increasing rates of marginalization and poverty rates, not just at home in Vancouver but in his travels around the world.

He believes those who face misfortune deserve a better opportunity and decided to co-found the not-for-profit organization, Vision for Life. Vision for Life is a foundation which aims to lessen the hardships of marginalized individuals residing in Metro Vancouver by providing them with necessities, building emotional connections and connecting them to counseling, capacity-building, and harm reduction resources. The foundation also has a goal to sponsor individuals in order to integrate them to become working members of society.

Prior to Vision for Life, Jeremiah was no stranger to volunteer work, trying to raise awareness of issues near and dear to him. He’s the co-founder of his school club, Spartans Against Cancer, a church servant and even a published author. He is also a JA alum. Having participated in an after-school JA Company Program two years ago through Surrey Little Theatre, he's using his experience as Vice President for his JA student company to run Vison for Life.

The following cohort of JA Company Program students at Surrey Little Theatre, it turns out, were so inspired by Jeremiah and his achievements that they decided to donate a portion of their profits to his organization. Their student company, Imperium, sold wireless chargers, the latest trend in device charging technology and generated enough sales to be able to donate nearly $400 to Jeremiah’s organization! Alisha Thapar, President of Imperium, was highly regarded by her teammates for her hard work and enthusiasm. Perhaps she’ll follow in Jeremiah’s footsteps and start her own organization very soon!

Imperium, a JA student company, donated a portion of its proceeds to Vision for Life foundation.
Imperium, a JA student company, packages wireless chargers for distribution.

JA Inspires

Shortly after participating in More than Money, the latest addition to JABC’s suite of financial literacy programs, 10 year old Jessica teamed up with her older sister to create a slime business. They earned a gross profit of $100 in just two weeks by selling to family and friends. Her mother Eva, an entrepreneur herself, was intrigued. She learned that her daughter had participated in a JA program and one of the activities was to come up with a plan for a potential business idea after identifying their own personal interests. Eva reached out to us right away.

“I have long advocated for financial literacy within our school system. JA recognizes this need for help and along with corporate sponsors and willing volunteers, we are bringing this powerful knowledge base to the present generation! And as simple as the name of one program More Than Money, we can inspire these children to take control and design a future they want to be part of. Because it isn’t just money…it’s options, it’s lifestyle, it’s social responsibility and generational knowledge this program co-creates for the youth!

Eva believes that when a family isn't experiencing financial success, they find it more challenging for parents to pass down information about money to their children. They may not know how to approach the subject and don’t feel equipped with the right knowledge.

“The workbooks coupled with the interactive games helps to instill the foundational understanding of how money works," says Eva. "I’m a proud JA volunteer and my children have benefited greatly. Following the More Than Money program, my daughter was inspired to start a small business."

"I learned how to take one of my interests and make a business out of it! We advertise, take orders and after we record all our expenses, we still make a profit.”

- Jessica, daughter of Eva Yuen


Each year, with the help of our donors, JABC gives away $20,000 in awards and scholarships to students who have demonstrated excellence and leadership while participating in a JA program. JABC congratulates the following outstanding individuals:

JABC Student Awards for Oratory & Presentation Skills

Cherry Chen, Walnut Grove Secondary, Langley

Alice Ko, Burnaby Central Secondary, Burnaby

Kristy Shum, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, Vancouver

This award recognizes excellence and achievement in speaking and presentation skills. Award recipients had an opportunity to present their winning speeches at the 2018 Business Laureates of BC Hall of Fame Gala Dinner & Induction Ceremonies on May 8, 2018.

Prize: $2500 per recipient

JABC would like to thank Austeville Properties Ltd., Belkorp Industries Inc. and The McLean Group for their generous sponsorship of these awards.

The Keg Spirit Foundation Next Generation Leaders Forum Award

Sam Li, Burnaby North Secondary, Burnaby

Tasia Linquist, South Kamloops Secondary, Kamloops

Arman Turna, North Surrey Secondary, Surrey

Joel Vandermark, Belmont Secondary, Victoria

Ella Wedel, Prince George Secondary, Prince George

These awards are presented to JA students who have demonstrated significant progress in developing their networking, leadership and communication skills. Each student received an all-expenses-paid trip to participate in the Next Generation Leaders Forum, an annual week-long forum for JA students from around the world to meet, participate in workshops, hear from industry experts and collaborate to solve a societal challenge.

JABC is grateful to The Keg Spirit Foundation for their generous sponsorship of this award.

Dr. Donald Rix Inspiring Business Excellence Scholarship

Morgan Bukowski, J.V. Humphries Secondary, Kaslo

This award is presented to an Indigenous, Rural or Immigrant student who has demonstrated significant growth in business skills, learning skills, leadership skills and/or entrepreneurial skills.

Prize: $2500

This award is made possible through a generous endowment gift from the Rix Family Foundation.

JABC Award for Excellence & Leadership

Freyja Reed, Semiahmoo Secondary, Surrey

This award recognizes achievement in the development of effective personal and business management skills.

Prize: $2500

Jan Bell-Irving Award for Women’s Leadership

Hannah Myung, R.E. Mountain Secondary, Langley

The Jan Bell-Irving Award for Women's Leadership was established upon Jan's retirement as President & CEO of JABC in 2017. Presented to a female JA student who demonstrates the ambition to lead while demonstrating collaboration and kindness, Jan hopes to inspire and encourage young women to lead at the highest levels, with heart.

Prize: $2500

Team Awards

These prizes are awarded to JA student companies who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, business, communication and problem-solving skills.

Celebrate Entrepreneurship Provincial Award

Awarded to a JA Student Company that demonstrates the most innovation in their business.

Team prize: $3000

Purify, an in-school JA Student Company out of Eric Hamber Secondary School, developed a product called Charclean which cleans bacteria found in tap water. It utilizes an organic charcoal water filter that can be used in a variety of cups, mugs and water bottles.

They generated a 40% return for their shareholders and donated partial profits to TD Friends of Environment Foundation.

JABC thanks the Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology for their generous sponsorship of this award.

The Ledcor Group Regional Company of the Year Award

Awarded to an outstanding JA Student Company outside of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Team prize: $3000

Recycled Sounds, an in-school JA Student Company from South Kamloops Secondary School, developed an eco-friendly, hands-free smartphone stand. The stands were manufactured with reclaimed wood and specially designed and engineered to capture and amplify sound waves for an enhanced smartphone listening experience.

JABC thanks the Ledcor Group of Companies for their generous sponsorship of this award.

CIBC Student Company of the Year

Awarded to an outstanding JA student company in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Team prize: $3000

KLICK is an after-school JA Student Company with students from 14 secondary schools around Metro Vancouver. They developed a bike signalling device with special LED light indicators that allow cyclists to reinforce their turn signs for better road communication with drivers.

JABC is grateful to CIBC for their generous sponsorship of this award.

CPA Profit Performance Award

Presented to the most profitable JA student company.

Team prize: $3000

The in-school JA student company from John Oliver Secondary, JAYO Lanyards, realized that many students find lanyards useful however no one seemed to be motivated to go out and purchase one. They saw this as a unique opportunity and created their company which sourced, marketed and sold lanyards to their classmates. A solid sales and marketing strategy allowed them to expand sales to students and administrators at nearby schools. They exceeded sales expectations and delivered a 498% return on investment to their shareholders!

This award is generously sponsored by CPA.

All of our award winners were recognized in front of their family and friends at celebratory events in their regions. JABC wishes to thank CIBC for sponsoring these celebration events across BC.

JABC hosted its second JABC TechWorks: Vancouver on January 16, 2018 at TELUS World of Science.

Access to talent remains the biggest issue for BC technology companies. According to the 2016 KPMG BC Technology Report Card, BC post-secondary institutions graduate fewer engineering and technology-related degrees, on a per capita basis, compared with other Canadian Provinces.

To help BC’s youth become more aware of technology careers and the knowledge and skills required to secure these jobs, we launched JABC TechWorks in 2017 with the help of our industry and community partners.

Approximately 400 Grade 9 and 10 students who have previously taken our JA Economics for Success program are invited to participate in this full-day immersive experience. The day kicked off with a morning plenary session featuring guest speakers, live demos, interactive polling and a DJ. The afternoon consisted of a series fo breakout sessions hosted by representatives from BC's tech industry.

Building upon the success of the first two Vancouver events, we are pleased to be expanding to other regions in BC. Victoria is our next stop on December 5, 2018 followed by Vancouver on January 17, 2019. Kelowna is being planned for late 2019.

Thank you to our JABC TechWorks presenting sponsor:


JABC is grateful for the investments of our donors. Their generosity enabled us to reach nearly 40,000 students across BC this year. The following represents their contributions from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

JA Champions


(multi-year commitment)
(multi-year commitment)

Chairman's Circle

$250,000 - $999,999

(multi-year commitment)
(multi-year commitment)

President's Club

$100,000 - $249,999

(multi-year commitment)
(multi-year commitment)
(multi-year commitment)

Major Investors

$50,000 - $99,999

Walsh Foundation


$25,000 - $49,999

Chartered Professional Accountants


HSBC Bank Canada



Senior Partners

$10,000 - $24,999


Arrow Transportation Systems Inc.

BC Hydro


Discovery Foundation

Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation

First Light Foundation: John and Dana Montalbano

Casey Forrest

Grant Thornton LLP

Marsh Canada Limited

Prospera Credit Union

SAP Canada


TD Bank


$5,000 - $9,999


BMO Bank of Montreal


Riyaz R. Devji

Economical Insurance

ELM Foundation

Judy Hager

Wilfred Landry

The Geyer Family (PNG Enterprise Foundation)

The Radcliffe Foundation

Vision Critical


$1,000 - $4,999

Bardel Entertainment

Sheila Biggers

Peter J. Blake

Kevin Budd

Business in Vancouver

Canadian Venture Capital Association

Russell Crawford

Lisa Ethans

Fairstone Financial Inc.

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

Fort Capital Corporation


Kelly Heed

Nicole Inglis

Carol Leacy

Marin Investments Limited

Brian McCauley


Kristi Miller

Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology


Michelle Ostermann

Adrian Palmer

Brian Phillips

RBC Royal Bank

The Spencer Family

Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation

Whistler Blackcomb Foundation

Janet Wood

Brian Worth


$100 - $999

Tracey Arnish

Siobhan Aspinall

BC & Yukon Territory Building & Construction Trades Council

Brenda Benham

Teresa Bennett

Cheryl Borgmann

Barbara Brink

Kari Buchanan

Burrard Glass Ltd.

Doug Campbell

Canadian Credit Union Association

Nancy Cardozo

Amy Carotenuto

Concerto Marketing Group

Lynda Cralli

Derek deGroot

Diane Dent

Val Dipasupil

Dynamic Installations

Patricia Elemans

Blaine Forer

Nitin Gaba

Goodmans LLP

Rosine Hage-Moussa

Kelly Heed

Ashton Herriott

Hitfar Concepts Ltd.

Christina Howton

Interior Savings Credit Union

Denise M. Jimmo

Iain Johnstone

Barb Jones

Alexandre Laramee

Jonathan Mara

Andrew W. Marchant

Steve McLean

Mercury Launch & Tug Ltd.

Guff Muench

Kathy Nguyen

July Ono

Open Gaming Solutions Inc.

Brian Paes-Braga

Malcolm Potts

Jason Ranchoux

Christian Ratcliffe

Jaymin Sahota

Alix Santoro

Jocelyn C. Tien

Anne Tower

Deborah Wakeham

Willowbrook Motors Ltd.

Joshua Wong

Young Family Foundation

JABC Legacy Circle

Investing in the future is one of the greatest gifts we can give to society. A legacy gift is one way to positively impact future generations. The JABC Legacy Circle is a special group of visionary philanthropists that are purposefully ensuring youth are provided with the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow.

A legacy gift to JABC ensures youth are prepared to create and shape the jobs of the future, foster stable economies, contribute to a health community, enjoy prosperity and life-long success.

We are happy to discuss various ways of legacy giving. Please get in touch with us to find the best option for you and your family.



Presented by JA British Columbia, the Business Laureates of British Columbia Hall of Fame celebrates and honours the lifetime achievements of BC business leaders who have made outstanding contributions to our province and country. New Laureates are formally welcomed into the Hall of Fame annually at the Gala Dinner & Induction Ceremonies. Laureates are nominated by their peers and chosen by an independent selection committee representing BC’s foremost business, academic and media institutions.

2018 Gala Dinner & Induction Ceremonies

Proceeds from the annual gala support the efforts of JA British Columbia in developing and maintaining high quality business education programs which are accessible to schools across the province.

The 2018 gala raised over $765,000, and JABC is grateful to all of our guests and partners who believe in our mission and work with us to achieve our goals.

This year's event took place on May 8, 2018 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. We were pleased to induct the following outstanding citizens into the Hall of Fame in front of their families and friends:

  • Peter B. Armstrong, Founder and CEO, Armstrong Group and Rocky Mountaineer
  • Morris Belkin (1916-1987), Founder, Chairman and CEO, Belkin Inc.
  • Frank Giustra, O.B.C., President and CEO, Fiore Group
  • Hugh Magee, Chairman, Gwil Industries Inc.
2018 Laureate Inductees from left to right: Peter B. Armstrong, Morris Belkin (1916-1987), Frank Giustra, and Hugh Magee.

JA British Columbia is grateful to our 2018 gala presenting sponsors:

JABC was pleased to welcome Her Honour, The Honourable Janet Austin, O.B.C., Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia who provided the evening's opening remarks.

Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company delivered the keynote address.

KLICK, a JA Student Company, presented their final report to guests. Their company developed a bike signalling device with special LED light indicators that allow cyclists to reinforce their turn signs for better road communication with drivers.

Photo: Members of KLICK with Master of Ceremonies, Stephen Quinn, Host, The Early Edition, CBC Vancouver

100% of the gala proceeds support the efforts of JABC in developing and maintaining high quality business education programs across BC. JABC is grateful to everyone who joined us for the 2018 gala and for investing in our future business leaders.

Photo: JABC student award winners with Sheila Biggers, President and CEO of JABC

JABC looks forward to celebrating with all of the members of the Hall of Fame at the gala each year and we were pleased to welcome the following new and past Laureates at this year's event.


Back row, left to right: Ross J. Beaty, 2017 Inductee; Sheila Biggers, President & CEO, JABC; Dr. Norman B. Keevil, 2013 Inductee; David McLean, 2017 Inductee; Peter Armstrong, 2018 Inductee, Barbara Brink, Gala Co-Chair; Stuart Belkin, accepting on behalf of the late Morris Belkin, 2018 Inductee; Olin Anton, Gala Co-chair.

Front Row, left to right: Hugh Magee, 2018 Inductee, Robert H. Lee, 2013 Inductee; Frank Giustra, O.B.C., 2018 Inductee; and Peter M. Brown, O.B.C., 2010 Inductee.

Hall of Fame Members (2016-2018)

The members of the Hall of Fame have demonstrated Vision among their peers, provided Leadership to inspire others to achieve their goals, led their lives with Integrity, and built a Legacy that will enrich the lives of those who follow.

Peter R. B. Armstrong

Michael Audain, O.C., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon)

Nathaniel (Nat) Ryal Bailey

Irving (Ike) Barber, O.C., O.B.C.

Ross J. Beaty, C.M.

Morris Belkin

Henry Ogle Bell-Irving

Charles Bentall

L.L.G. (Poldi) Bentley, LL.D. (Hon)

Peter J.G. Bentley, O.C., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon)

David Black

Dick Bradshaw, C.M.

Peter M. Brown, O.B.C., C.B.H.F., LL.D. (Hon)

Jennie Butchart

Alex A. Campbell, O.B.C, LL.D. (Hon)

Brian A. Canfield, C.M., O.B.C., D.Tech. (Hon)

Hon. John V. Clyne, C.C.

Jack Diamond, C.C., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon)

William Farrell

Earl B. Finning

Thomas James Foord, O.B.C.

Norm Francis, B.Sc., FCPA, FCA

Frank Giustra

A.E. “Dal” Grauer, Ph.D., LL.D. (Hon)

Frank A. Griffiths, F.C.A.

Bob Hager

Chester A. Johnson, C.M., O.B.C., B.Comm., F.C.A.

Lucille Johnstone, C.M., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon), C.G.A.

Dr. Norman B. Keevil, O.C., Ph.D., F.G.S.A.

Dr. Norman B. Keevil, O.C., O.B.C., Ph.D., C.B.H.F., LL.D. (Hon)

Henry Holman (Hank) Ketcham III, O.B.C.

Henry Holman (Pete) Ketcham Jr.

Samuel Kendall (Sam) Ketcham

William Peters (Bill) Ketcham

Hassan Khosrowshahi, C.M., O.B.C


Leon J. Koerner, LL.D. (Hon)

Dave Lede, B.Comm., LL.D. (Hon)

Robert (Bob) H. Lee, C.M., O.B.C., B.Comm., LL.D. (Hon)

Brandt Louie, O.B.C, C.B.H.F., LL.D. (Hon), FCA, CA, CPA

Hok Yat Louie

Tong Louie, C.M., O.B.C., B.S.A., LL.D. (Hon)

John S. MacDonald, O.C., Ph.D., F.C.A.E., P.Eng.

H.R. MacMillan, C.C.

Hugh Magee, B.S.A.

G. W. Grant McConachie

Wendy B. McDonald, C.M., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon), D.Tech.

David McLean, O.B.C., LL.D., F.I.CD.

John McLernon

George C. Melville, O.B.C., CPA, FCA, LL.D. (Hon)

William M. Mercer, B.Comm.

Jefferson Mooney

Richard “Ritchie” Nelson

Dr. Rudy North, C.M., O.B.C., B.Comm., LL.D. (Hon)

David Oppenheimer

Jim Pattison, O.C., O.B.C., C.B.H.F.

Art Phillips

John (Jack) W. Poole, O.C., O.B.C., B.Sc.

John Prentice

Dave Ritchie

Dr. Donald B. Rix, C.M., O.B.C., M.D., D.Sc. (Hon), F.R.C.P.C., LL.D. (Hon)

Benjamin Tingley Rogers

Dick (Percy Ritchie) Sandwell

William (Bill) L. Sauder, O.C., O.B.C., B.Comm., LL.D. (Hon)

Joseph Segal, C.M., O.B.C., C.B.H.F., O.ST.J., LL.D. (Hon)

Howard Allan Simons

David W. Spencer

Dr. Ken Spencer, Ph.D., LL.D. (Hon), MBA, B.A.Sc.

Ian Telfer, C.B.H.F., FCPA, FCA, BA, MBA, Ph.D. (Hon)

W. James Treliving

Milton K. Wong, C.M., O.B.C., LL.D. (Hon)

Charles Woodward

2018 Gala Sponsors

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Armstrong Group

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Bennett Jones LLP

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The Radcliffe Foundation


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Wheaton Precious Metals

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For the year ended June 30, 2018

2017-2018 Board of Directors


Chair of the Board - Kristi Miller, National Managing Director, First West Capital

Past Chair - Phil Lehn, Vice President, Commercial Banking, BC & Yukon, CIBC

Vice Chair - Andrew Marchant, Managing Director, Communications, Media and Technology, Accenture

Development Chair - John Montalbano, Principal, Tower Beach Capital Ltd.

Treasurer - Nicole Inglis, Partner, Tax, KPMG LLP


Tracey Arnish, Chief People Officer, Coast Capital Savings Credit Union

Peter Blake, Chief Executive Officer, WesternOne Inc.

Barbara Brink, C.M., O.B.C., CPA (Hon) Vice President, Applied Strategies Ltd.

Riyaz Devji, Managing Director, North American Tea Company

Shelina Esmail, Partner, PFM Executive Search

Lisa Ethans, Partner, Deloitte

Christina Howton, Director, Business Development, PwC

Michael McCarthy, Vice President, TELUS Business Solutions

Brian McCauley, President & COO, Concert Properties

Michelle Ostermann, SVP, Consulting & Client Services, bcIMC

Adrian Palmer, Corporate Director, Adrian Palmer Consulting Inc.

Keith Spencer, Partner, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

Fred Withers, Director, Avigilon

Ivan Wong, Senior Manager, Audit, KPMG LLP

Janet Wood, Executive VP, Leadership, SAP


JABC thanks the members of the Cabinet who work tirelessly to ensure a successful gala and extraordinary guest experience each year.


Barbara Brink, C.M., O.B.C., CPA (Hon), Vice President, Applied Strategies Ltd.

Olin Anton, FCPA, FCA, Former Managing Partner, Deloitte; Chair, CPABC

Past Chairs

Peter Blake, Chief Executive Officer, WesternOne Inc.

John C. Kerr, C.M., O.B.C., LL.D., Managing Partner, Vancouver Canadiens

Terry A. Lyons, Lead Director, Canaccord Genuity Group Inc.

Conrad Pinette, President, Condor Holdings

Jim Shepard, O.B.C., Chair, CC4BC

Special Cabinet Advisor

Kelly Heed, Vice Chairman, Colliers International

Cabinet Members

Josh Blair, EVP, TELUS Health and TELUS International, and President, TELUS Business Solutions West

Jamie Brown, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Investment Banking, Canaccord/Genuity

Robin Dhir, President, Twin Brook Developments Ltd.

Pat Elemans, Assistant Dean, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria

Casey Forrest (Ex-Officio), Retired Partner, PFM Executive Search

Doug Holtby, Chairman, Silver Wheaton Corp.

Gary Laxon, AVP Retail Banking, Canadian Western Bank

Phil Lehn, Vice President, Commercial Banking BC, CIBC

Jim Logan, CFO, Ledcor Group of Companies

Jason Ludwig, Project Manager, Fusion Projects

Tracey McVicar, Managing Partner, CAI Funds

Geoff Plant, Partner, Gail Legge Grant & Monroe LLP

Peeyush Varshney, Partner, Varshney Capital Corp.

William Westeringh, Managing Partner, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

Bill Weymark, President, Weymark Engineering Ltd.

Susan Yurkovich, President & CEO, Council of Forest Industries

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JA British Columbia (JABC) is a member of JA Worldwide, the world’s largest and most recognized not-for-profit organization dedicated to teaching youth about business. JABC has been delivering programs in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and career readiness for over 60 years in partnership with donors, volunteers, and educators.


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