The philanthropist group

Donald Trump wants to build a wall between sothern US and Mexico and a courageous group of people try to stop him. The group is a bunch of people that try's to make the world a better place. In this quest there trying to get trump to not build his wall.

There first attemp to stop trump is by telling him he has long lost ancestors that live in Mexico or are Mexican. They managed to get close to him but he didn't believe them and made them leave. So they thought of something else.

They found out that Trump was as dumb as a donkey. There second attemp is to tell everyone to put up a petition to stop paying Texes because it's going twards the construction of trumps wall. For this petition to work they needed 10 000 peoples signatures to agree with them. But they didn't succeed with it they only got 3/4 of the 10 000 signatures.

Half the group didn't think it would work so they decided to drop out because they weren't courageous enough. And where certain it wouldn't work.

So it came to there third attempt they showed trump pictures of the Berlin Wall and how they decided to take it down after 28 Years because they wanted Germany to become one big country.

In conclusion the philanthropist group convinces trump that if he would build the wall he would be hated and he would probably start a world war 3. It took trump 2 weeks but he decided that they where right and didn't buil his wall. So in the end the group separated but they will always remember the things they did to help the world.

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Christina , Rebecca , Brianna And Katrina

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