Kairos Cognitive Care Eliminate the noise.

Our Vision

To foster a culture of mental well-being, empowering Albertans to thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring balance to mental health by changing attitudes, advancing knowledge, and establishing a collective state of mental well-being.

We will achieve this mission by:

  • Providing a radical coaching method designed to eliminate challenges that would otherwise prevent recovery,
  • Creating an organic mental health ecosystem where patients and caregivers work together to build a personal recovery community, and
  • Working to advance knowledge surrounding mental well-being, encouraging a mindset of collaboration and inquiry.

The Kairos Difference

At Kairos Cognitive Care, you’ll find three things you won’t find anywhere else.

  1. A supportive community that understands from personal experience what you’re going through,
  2. an intake process that investigates both medical and non-medical roots of your challenges, taking your environment into consideration as a possible cause, and
  3. in the event there really is a deeper issue, access to quality medical and para-practitioner specialists both in and outside the hospital system. These practitioners collaborate with our team on your care to ensure the swiftest recovery.

What We Do

Kairos Cognitive Care provides mental health focused coaching for adults age 19-65 struggling to achieve personal, academic, and career goals. We do this from a preventative perspective as much as possible, teaching holistic mental hygiene practices while helping to overcome current hurdles. Often by doing this, existing mental mental health struggles are alleviated. In additionTo support clients going through this process, we provide in-house psychological assessment and counselling for issues including grief, crisis, and trauma.

Our Raison D’Etre

The reason we do this is because we believe absolutely everyone has the right and ability to thrive. With the right help from the right team, each person can find a satisfying way to understand and cope with the challenges they face. We believe even those with the most severe challenges can, with diligent, committed work, find a new way to overcome their difficulties and find their place in a fulfilling, satisfying community. By shifting the relationship between patient and practitioner to one of collaboration on building a successful future, we can overcome the discrimination, marginalization, condescension, and ignorance that has plagued mental health for so long. By eliminating the noise that disrupts both their lives and the system that supports them, everyone can have an opportunity to fulfill their potential to thrive.

Our Story

The seeds of Kairos Cognitive Care were planted when Leah Kazmerik unknowingly suffered a brain injury in 1997. It altered the way she understood and experienced the outside world. It took 15 years of trial and error treatment before Leah experienced stability in everyday life. As she shared her experiences with others, they expressed a common experience and an inability to overcome it themselves. She decided to use her experience to help others in her position didn’t lose so much of their lives to these disorders or the broken system she’d fought so hard to navigate.

Since starting work on Kairos with the support of the team of practitioners that were able to decipher her own complex challenges, she has begun helping others like her overcome their own challenges. She teaches them what is different about how their brain works, how to navigate the world with a mind that works so differently, and how to accomplish tasks and goals when their own brain is their biggest obstacle. Advocating and lobbying for her clients every step of the way, she has built a network of caregivers and practitioners from many fields that collaborate to improve the lives of her clients.

Today, Kairos Cognitive Care is a place where clients learn who they really are, who they want to become, and how to make that dream a reality. It is a place that incorporates the most up to date scientific studies from the most successful countries in mental health support to make sure our clients have every possible tool available to them to succeed. It is ia place where clients stop falling through the cracks because of failed communication. It is a place where patient harm, neglect, knowing your issues better than the person supporting you, and being told “sorry, we can’t help you” are a thing of the past. Today, Kairos Cognitive Care is the next personal mental health support, information hub, and way-finder. Today, Kairos Cognitive Care is the revolution in mental well-being.

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