Plateau Toastmasters Club e-Newsletter - October 2019

Plateau Toastmasters Club celebrated its 16th Anniversary on 08th October 2019

President's Message

Dear Leaders,

"If you're not aware, you're nowhere" says TM Ravin Papiah and I'm glad that this first edition of the e-Newsletter will be a stepping stone to keeping you aware most of the times, of the events and happenings of our Club.

Our Club has reached 16 years of existence and over the past years, the Club has produced 3 Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM); 18 Members with Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB); 6 Members with Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG); 11 members with Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS); 12 Members with Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB); 3 Members with Advanced Leader Silver (ALS); 46 Competent Communicators (CC); and 23 Competent Leaders (CL).

Our Club is the second club on the island with nearly 50 members and we have spun over new clubs in the past years, to grow more leaders and we're on a roll to create more ! Thank you for being with us and I hope you enjoy this edition which has been spearheaded by a team of women leaders.

- Vyankoj, DL1

Meet our recent Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM)

Leena Lollbeeharry, DTM (June 2019)

My DTM Adventure

Leena Lollbeeharry, DTM

My journey as a Distinguished Toastmasters started when I did my ice breaker speech in July 2010 during the Speechcraft program. From thereon, it has been a rollercoaster ride of seizing opportunities that came along the way and embracing challenges to come out of my comfort zone in order to become a better communicator and a better leader.

Toastmasters has transformed my life in many ways and boosted my confidence plus self-esteem. Members and roles have shaped me into who I am today. Now a DTM, the journey does not come to an end, I have embarked on a new path in the same pursuit of becoming a better version of myself all while joining the collective effort of supporting my club and its members.

I enjoy being a Toastmaster…let the fun continue!


Mahmad Faizal Jaulim, DTM (June 2019)

My way to DTM has been a long and enjoyable journey. I have been a toastmaster since 2004. However it is only in 2019 that I reached DTM. Does it take that long?

No! Actually, I took that much time to reach DTM because the journey was so delightful and the sceneries so beautiful that I took pleasure in them and I lost focus on the destination. To achieve DTM, I needed to complete two tracks; the leadership track and the communication track. I accomplished so much in the leadership track with assignments like Speechcraft, Youth Leadership Program, Training and Master Class. Besides I had the opportunity to occupy various positions in executive committee culminating to President in 2011/2012.

I also participated in contests and won a few prizes at club and national level. Moreover, I have also been involved in different roles in the organisation of national conference. Although I have completed all the requirements of the communication track, I still humbly believed that I needed to go a few extra miles to become an accomplished speaker. Since a few years I have been sharing my experience with the younger generations and I am proud to see a few of them blossom into even better speakers than I am. And I look forward to seeing them becoming great leaders of this club, if not of this country.


Here's what we've been doing since July 2019...

Tips for an Effective Evaluation by TM Soommayyah

When it fell on my lot to be a contestant for the evaluation segment for the National Conference 2019, I was resolute to give my very best, not necessarily to win – but to be proud of my performance whatever the outcome. However, this did not shun the doubts loitering in my head - there were a lot of participants, some of whom were having professional coaching and others, I had been told, were inherently brilliant evaluators.

However, on the very day, in the midst of all the tension and excitement, all my fears seemed to dwindle and fade away when the girl who I was to evaluate started speaking. I was totally engrossed in her speech. I could feel the passion oozing through her speech as she brilliantly laid down her arguments, I could hear her call for action as she urged us to be more environment conscious and I could see the potential of a great orator in her.

When I reflect on it, I believe this is what makes a good evaluator - somebody who seeks to connect with the speech and who can see beyond the actual speech to perceive the potential in the speaker. With this mindset, I find it easier to give recommendations rather than simply pointing out the shortcomings. Because there is a leader in all of us. It is for the evaluator to look for that.

Nonetheless, more than grand thoughts and concepts, a good evaluation comes down to techniques which can be learnt and adopted, and effective delivery, which comes with a lot of practice. These are within the reach of each and every one as there is a plethora of youtube videos, trainings and tips available and one can always volunteer to be an evaluator at club level to gain practice.

Evaluation Mind Map

As preparation for the evaluation contest, I did just that, and with the support from the club, close ones and friends, anyone can do it too. I reduced all my preparations to the above mind map which I would like to share with you. Because today it was me, I want tomorrow to be for all those willing to put in the effort. To all those who are thinking that now may not be the right time, I say, if not now then when, if not you, then who.

I hope my words rekindle your motivation, dispel your doubts and re-affirm your conviction that you can do it. Some things in life you don’t get, you’ve got to take them.

Useful Tips from Toastmasters International Magazine

Meet our newest members....

I am TM Narvadha Veeramootoo, PhD in e-Government, working as Lead Analyst at the Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance. The reason why I joined Plateau Toastmasters is because I want to develop my leadership skills

I am TM Shivani Bhatia, from Gurgaon, India. I am a mother of two beautiful children and have been in Mauritius for the last 3 years. I graduated in commerce and I am a designer by profession & I am fortunate enough to work with the leading garment brands. I joined toastmasters to enhance both my listening and speaking skills and would like to educate people and help others fighting depression. I am looking forward to be one of the reason for the success of my organisation

I am TM Subhiraj GAJADHUR

I joined Plateau Toastmasters Club this month only, on 1st October 2019 but became Toastmaster one year ago when I joined my first yet another club. Within that 1 year , I completed my Level 1 & 2 of Innovative Planning Pathway. I even participated in International Speech Contest at National Conference -July 2019.

I joined Toastmasters to master my fear of speaking in front of an audience. Too often I refused "to say a few words" when requested to do so in a "chawtari" reception or at a birthday party. When I did speak, I did it in a messy way causing me too much of post-mortem discomfort for months afterwards. Even today , I have not yet fully achieved this objective but I am far better today compared to one year ago. With the help of Toastmasters, I wish to become a very eloquent public and private speaker, in few years time.

Our Members' Progress within the Club

Pathways Progress

5 Tips to ace the Table Topics Master Role

1. Be inspired by the meeting theme. Adopting the meeting theme would open up the possibilities for questions.

2. Formulate the table topics questions in a fun and creative way that would allow speakers to offer opinions or share personal stories.

3. How to choose effective table topics questions?

  • Go for open-ended questions.
  • Pick questions that do not require specialised knowledge and be sensitive to people’s circumstances. For example you wouldn’t ask someone about best parenting experience if that person does not have a child.
  • Opt for general questions instead of being specific, for example asking someone on his or her views on a specific football team instead of asking a general question on football.

4. State the question and then welcome someone from the audience warmly and enthusiastically to participate. The rationale behind this approach is that everyone in the room listens carefully, thinks about how they would answer and get that little jolt of adrenaline wondering if they are next.

5. The TTM can make brief comments related to the table topics speech in order to boost the speaker’s confidence before moving to the next topic. But remember avoid any NEGATIVE remark that would not encourage the speaker to come back on the stage!

Pictures from our recent sessions !

Our Club Session Pictures

5 tips to boost your powerpoint presentation

PowerPoint..for many of us..conjures grim memories of presentations consisting of bullet points projected in a monotonous and unengaging manner. The good news is we can harness the power of PowerPoint to create enthralling slides that would convey visually what words cannot.

  1. Less is more! Too much content can dilute your message. Focus on the essence of your message.
  2. Don’t cram too much data on your slide. Stick to five or six words per slide. Additional information can be imparted to the audience in the form of a handout.
  3. Use sharp, memorable images to support your message. You can refer to pixabay.com or pexels.com for free, high-quality images.
  4. Ditch the traditional bar or pie charts in favour of visuals. For example if you want to show that 25% of the forest burned in a fire, a map showing 25% represented by flames is more memorable than a pie chart.
  5. Explore the various possibilities covered by interactive tools that can convert your slide into an interactive whiteboard. For example, live polling devices for instant audience feedback, interactive text boxes that can allow you type and write in them during the presentation, 3D objects that can be animated to create a powerful visualisation of your slide content. For more information on the use of interactive tools, refer to the May 2019 issue of the Toastmasters magazine – From monologue to dialogue: Inviting Audience Interaction.
Recent Members who have been awarded

TM Sariff Mungralee - Advanced Leadership Silver

TM Dosheela Ramlowat - Competent Leader

TM Navindra Mooroogan and TM Meera Chatooree - Competent Communicators

TM Azra Muslun and TM Roddy Curpen - PM1 (Presentation Mastery)

TM Krishn Ramchurn- Triple Crown

TM Nanda Modely - Advanced Communicator Silver

The 3 S's to spice up your speech

Simplicity – Keep your thoughts and speech organisation simple.

Scintillating – Paint pictures with words, involving the five senses, and that would allow the audience to create a vivid mental picture of the plot. Examples - Sight: The bright green sprouts pierced through the soil. Sound: The jet roared overhead. Touch: The warmth of the sun wrapped around her as if it was giving her a hug. Taste: The sauce was sweet with coconut and spicy with chilies. Smell: The air smelled of fresh cut grass.

Suspense – The key to crafting a successful story is the use of unexpected twists and turns instead of plodding along in a straight line.

Do's and Don'ts when preparing yourself for a presentation

The Power of Reading by TM Azra !

It was never a practice for me to read books on a consistent basis until I joined Toastmaster - more specifically the online sessions carried out by one of our very own Member (TM Krishn). Indeed, reading is so much essential that I now realise how much I have been missing on.. but as the famous saying goes better late than never.

How is it helping me in my Toastmaster Journey? - I am learning new words and expressions; - I am finding new ideas and horizons from well versed authors; - I am able to quote from it and enhance my write up for speech delivery

The very recent book I read is titled Mentoring 101 - what every leader needs to know - by John C Maxwell and one of the quote (the Hebrews Model) summarising the whole mentoring concept goes as follows:

‘I do it

I do it – and you watch

You do it – and I watch

You do it’


SPEAKATHON - 29 October 2019
INTERNAL CONTEST - 12 November 2019

Editorial Team:-

  • TM Dosheela Ramlowat (Team Leader);
  • TM Soommayyah Jaulim;
  • TM Azra Muslun;
  • TM Jyestha Ramduny &
  • TM Vyankoj Mulloo